Help pairing heart rate monitor

I have a Garmin heart rate monitor which is not pairing with Zwift. So I bought a Wahoo Tickrx ANT and Bluetooth compatible heart rate monitor, that isn’t pairing either. I have seen and read other people’s posts.Tried like crazy to disable the “health” app on my iphone. Under the privacy setting I unselected it so that it won’t block the pairing. Can someone help? 

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Tricia: You’re using Zwift on your iPhone?

If so, yes, your Garmin heart rate monitor won’t pair with the iPhone because the iPhone doesn’t read the ANT+ radio signals which the Garmin HRM sends.

Your new Wahoo Tickr X HRM will pair with Zwift running on the iPhone.

So if you confirm that we’re looking at the iPhone version of the Zwift app (and not Zwift Mobile Link on iPhone) then we’re ready for the next step.

Thank you Steve-

Yes everything you have said is correct. I am using the iPhone version of the Zwift app. Ready for the next step! :slight_smile: I really appreciate your help

The Bluetooth radio on the iPhone must be on.

Do not pair the Tickr X with the iPhone Settings Bluetooth menu or anything else on any device anywhere. “Blue__tooth devices can only pair to one app at a time. Make sure to close any background apps that may be using the sensor before connecting to a new app.”

_“Wake up your TICKR by wearing it on your chest. The TICKR wakes up when a heartbeat is present.” _I tap the Tickr X and see the red and blue lights flash as an assurance that the device is “on.”

Start Zwift app.

On the Paired Devices screen, tap the Heart Rate icon.

After a brief period of search, the TICKR X… should show up in the available devices menu.

Click OK and you’re paired.

Wahoo has more info on pairing the TICKR with apps here: .


WOW!!! I deleted the Wahoo Tickr X app and then made sure my heart rate monitor was not connected to the bluetooth on my phone. Launched Zwift and it works. You are amazing! Thank you sooooo much :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re on and hope you’re enjoying the community.

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