AppleTV and Bluetooth heartrate via Companion

Since I couldn’t use my Garmin HRM with Zwift, I bought a new Wahoo HRM with Bluetooth and ANT+.
I’m using AppleTV for Zwift and my iPhone for Zwift Companion.

The HRM pairs with my iPHone.
I enabled Device Connection in Zwift Companion
But no joy. No Heart Rate monitor is found in Zwift Connections. (I made sure my phone and the Apple TV are using the same WiFi.

What am I missing? I’ve watched all the videos and think I’m following the instructions.

Disconnect and forget the Wahoo HRM from the iPhones Bluetooth and then open the ZCA and see if you can bridge it to the Zwift App on the ATV.

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Hey! Good idea. Bypass the Companion altogether for the test.

I’ll do it shortly and post back my results.


That’s not what I meant, but it should connect directly to the ATV.

If you connect the HRM to your iPhones Bluetooth than the ZCA will not be able to bridge it correctly.

Bluetooth is a one-to-one connection so you need to make sure that the HRM is not connected to any other device (including your iPhone) or app before opening the ZCA on your iPhone or the Zwift App on your ATV.

And that was the secret. You led me to the right process.
At first, I tried to connect directly to Zwift on the Apple TV. It didn’t work. I tried and tried. No joy.
But then, I thought about bluetooth. Maybe the HRM can only pair to one thing at a time. So I told my iPhone to forget the HRM. Went back to Zwift on the Apple TV and Connect Devices. The HRM was there! And it works marvelously. Fabulous.
My new Bluetooth cadence arrives today and I’m excited about getting realistic cadence on Zwift for the first time in 2 years. The HRM paired so the cadence sensor should likewise.
The “Virtual cadence” as they call it, is misleading and frustrating. Spin faster and harder and the cadence indication would decrease instead of increase . . . until Zwift swift catches up with what it thinks the cadence should be based on power and speed (I think). I could get 90 RPM to go to the teens by spinning faster and harder. With a REAL cadence sensor, it should be realistic. I’m excited about that.
All in all, I think my Zwift experiences will be improved with the HRM and realistic cadence.

Thank you so much for your help.

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Glad your issue was resolved.

Ride On!