Pairing Heart Rate Strap to Zwift

I’m loving Zwift but am having difficulties pairing my new Garmin Dual HRM to Zwift. I’m using Zwift on Apple TV (newest version) which recognizes my Wahoo Kickr but not my heart rate strap. I’ve even tried opening the Zwift Companion app on my phone but still can’t seem to pair my HRM. Additionally, the Companion app seems to frequently drop and reconnect it’s connection to my Apple TV. What am I missing?

It’s hard to say without knowing more specifics about your setup, but here are a few thoughts:

The Apple TV has only 2 available Bluetooth connections. Your Kickr should be taking up one of them (and broadcasting power and cadence on that one), leaving the second channel open for the Garmin Dual HRM. (This is my setup, if you swap a Tacx Neo 2 for the Kickr and it works without issue.) So, what I am wondering is if that second Bluetooth connection on the ATV might be getting usurped by some other device you have nearby. When you go to the pairing screen and select ‘Heartrate’ does the Dual show up as a selectable option?

With regard to the ZC app frequently dropping: On what device are you running ZC? If it is a phone it is possible that your WiFi connection is not super strong and your phone is switching between WiFi and cellular networks. Because ZC needs to be on the same network as the Zwift app, whenever the phone changes to cellular data you will lose connection with the Zwift game. So, either find a way to make your WiFi signal stronger in the area where you are Zwifting, or turn off cellular data while you are riding.

I hope this will provide at least a little relief, but please post your full setup on the thread so that others with more experience can chime in with their ideas.

Thanks Nigel! This was super helpful!!! I switched my phone to airplane mode during my workout which fixed the companion connectivity stabilization issue. AND was able to finally pair my heart rate strap on Zwift. I’m new to both Garmin and Zwift and recently bought my Kickr, forerunner 945 and edge 530 bundles. While I had previously connected my swim and tri straps to my watch, I hadn’t yet connected the dual HRM. Once it was connected on my watch, Zwift found it right away! Made my day! Thank you!!!