Work around for connecting Garmin HRM to Zwift via AppleTV

Hello fellow Zwifters.
I use Zwift via AppleTV and utilizing a Garmin Tacx Flux 2 Smart Trainer. The App will pick up everything with the exception of my Garmin Dual HRM Monitor.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? And, if so, were you able to successfully obtain a work around for everything to connect properly?

Thank you for helping out.

You can use the Zwift Companion App to connect the Garmin Dual to the Zwift App, you could be hitting the connection limit on the ATV.

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Thank you Paul. I’ll look into this. I assume the companion app will sync fine with the AppleTV and show my HR together with everything else?

I think you’re correct on the connection limit. AppleTVs connection is limited to 4 and unfortunately that also includes the remote.

The Apple TV limit is actually 3, including the remote, so you really only have 2 available. I use the Garmin Dual and a Tacx Neo, so I am able to get power, cadence, and HR all through the ATV. If you already have your power and cadence paired to the ATV, though, you’ll need to run HR though the ZC app, as Paul suggested.