Moving HRM sensor to companion app from Apple TV stops reading HR


I’ve recently got the zwift play controllers, which of course pushes the Apple TV Bluetooth connection limit over the max - which should be fine, as I can connect the Bluetooth connections via the companion app, however whilst doing that shows everything connected, the hr monitor now won’t show my heart rate.

Has anyone else had this? and more importantly found a fix for it?


There are many threads about this common problem. Here’s a sample…

Honestly it doesn’t sound worth the trouble. Might be better to return the Play controllers and get them when they are out of beta and the issues resolved.


I should also mention, you can try bridging the HRM through the trainer if you have a Zwift Hub, Jetblack Volt, or Elite Justo/Direto/Suito. Not sure if any others can do that (Wahoo/Tacx cannot).

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Thanks for that - I did have a scan through, but didn’t get those. The controllers seemed like a good idea, but getting my hr for the rides is obviously more important.

it’s not just you.
There is an issue with HR and Apple TV.
Direct connection or Companion app both has issues with HR now.
Either won’t show any reading, or 40 - 50 bpm below what it actually is.
No response from Zwift that I have seen. Chat during robo bot rides shows it is wide spread.


Just to pile on - this has been an issue (HR on TVos Zwift version) for some time, as in months, which as
you note has been well reported. When versions 1.54 or 1.55 came out it appeared solved. My HR monitor was stable without issue. Now 1.56 seems to have broken it again.

If I’m doing a training ride where I really want HR captured I am back to using an iPad again.

Hi @Darren_Rhodes @J_Kouts and @Kevin_Ronstrom
Thanks for flagging this up. Would like to confirm you’re all Zwifting on AppleTV?

Are all of you seeing the new pairing wizard when you first launch the game app?

@shooj Hi, yes and yes for me.

Hi @Darren_Rhodes

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Do you have a second Zwift account? The last tog in to this account was December 23, and that was on an iPhone.

Hiya, good spot - I’ve been using my Dad’s setup and hadn’t hooked my account to it.

I can confirm the setup is via appletv, however we’re hitting the limit on Bluetooth connections so have had to move connecting to the companion app

Yep, Apple TV.
HR will connect but consistently under report BPM by 40 - 50.
Connecting via the companion app (ipad) using the new pairing screen has the same results.
Deleted and reinstalled Zwift app, updated to latest version, no help.
Tried 3 different HR straps, all the same issue.

Tech novice here. Been using Zwift with Tacx Neo Garmin HRM strap and Apple TV seemlessly for 2 years …now daily struggle…Bluetooth connections have a limit??? On my iPhone I see I have 8 items that can connect but only my Garmin Fenix watch is actually connected…. I have tried the Companion app approach and sometime I see my HR with a green check mark but no reading….totally ruining my Zwift experience

@shooj An observation to add to this. Normally, whether on the TVos or iPadOS version of Zwift I use the “Broadcast Heart Rate” function on my Garmin to transmit HR. As noted HR on Zwift on AppleTV has been flaky for me, dropping periodically then just disappearing. Never on iOS Zwift apps though (iPad, iPhone).

Yesterday I used the “Virtual Run” activity on the watch instead, with my AppleTV Zwift and it was solid for the entire ride. I don’t know what this means, or even if it means anything at all, but will continue to play with both to see if a pattern emerges.

@Darren_Rhodes @J_Kouts @Kevin_Ronstrom @Barry_Whitworth

We’d like you to try again and report back if the pairing behavior on Apple TV is back to normal. We disabled the new pairing wizard feature and would like to know if that’s made a difference to people who’ve reported pairing issues on the Apple TV in the past 2 - 3 weeks.

Will do but may be a couple of days.

The other day I took Zwift off my Apple TV……It asked me did I want to retain my subscription…yes of course….re installed the App and although it did not quite seem normal I could do a ride….exception it did nit recognize my HRM. I was almost happy.

Fast forward to today and it was completely useless. This time no matter if I was using Apple TV, my iPad with your App reinstalled or my phone using your App…. Zwift could not recognize my Tacx Neo2T trainer…… when I went into the Tacx training App it recognized my Neo 2 T… I could see power, cadence speed on the Tacx App.

Just don’t understand what might have changed as for the last two years… it was simple as plugging my trainer into the power, launching my Zwift, clicking on name seeing my devices there, selecting a ride, then ride. PERFECT

Electronically in my home the only thing that has changed is getting an updated Router about 2 months ( I use Charter/Spectrum )…. Not a techy so don’t know if that is important.

Frustrated here….BIG TIME

Barry Whitworth

Hi @Barry_Whitworth
Thanks for looping back. I looked at your server log, and in your case - I’m seeing you log in from the Apple TV and an IPad (6th Gen). When you log in from multiple devices - you may be paired to your trainer / heart rate monitor already on your first device and it won’t show up on your second device. If the ATV is your main device - I’d recommend you uninstall the Zwift game app on your iPad (or vice versa) to avoid the concurrent logins pitfall.

Furthermore - I’m seeing instances where you log in from the Apple TV without ending your session affirmatively, which means by either 1) saving and exiting your session or 2) trashing and exiting your session. Always end your session by doing one of these things. To be extra-thorough force-close the Zwift app for good measure. Here’s how to force-close ATV apps.

While we’re at it - it wouldn’t hurt to power down then reboot your Apple TV box. When mine has issues, it’s the first thing I do. Would you try these steps and report back?

I REALLY appreciate the FSAST reply…

A couple of comments before I do any of thew recommendations…

I will uninstall the iPad App. I only used the iPad to log in as I was so frustrated with the ATV Zwift App

without ending your session affirmatively, … The reason for this is nothing comes like I had previously to let me log off…not smart enough to go into other parts of the App to find an alternative exit point

it wouldn’t hurt to power down then reboot your Apple TV box……Sorry but this is a foreign request to me…don’t recognize the term “ apple TV box “…. I have an ATV remote



That’s when you can force-close the Zwift app using the instructions linked above.

= “unplug the power cord from the back of the Apple TV itself” :slightly_smiling_face:


Short version: 55mins today, worked perfectly.

Longer version:
Connected via Companion
HR from my Garmin watch using “Broadcast Heart Rate” function
Structured workout in ERG mode
HR was stable the entire ride
Tried pausing the workout a few times – no issues, no drops
Tried unpairing then re-pairing the watch mid ride – it reconnected instantly and stayed connected stably afterwards.

Hope this help. Thanks for your efforts!

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