Zwift Play Controller connection issues

Similar issue, but using iPhone. I connect Tacx Neo 2T, Garmin heart rate monitor with no issues via Apple TV to Zwift. However, if I use Zwift play controllers, and then have to bridge through companion app on iPhone, it’s hit or miss as to whether it will work. Everything will connect, but then once in a ride, everything will disconnect. Then, when I go back to pairing screen, sometimes only one Zwift play controller will be seen or the heart rate monitor won’t be seen. There’s not a clear time frame in which the disconnection happens. However, going from one activity to joining an event, often triggers it. It seems to be more of an issue with the companion app bridging not doing well with the Bluetooth connections. I have no issues with any other Bluetooth connections. And yes, all devices have most uptodate software version. Both devices are on same network. The Zwift screen on Apple TV and Zwift app stay connected, just not the devices. I like the idea of the Zwift play controllers, but at this point, they are too unreliable to use.

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