Zwift Play disconnecting after several minutes

Hello all:

I received the Zwift Play a month ago and they were working correctly, but in the last two races, after several minutes, a message appears and “steering disabled”. The icon in the top part disapeared but in right part, the steering icon was still over my rider name.

Maybe the reason is that i am not using them because with so many riders in races, i prefer the normal draft. Is there an option in enery saving to let them working without touching for a longer period?

Thank you in advance.

I have the same since the last firmware update. They were working perfectly fine, but after the update I got the same issues you have.

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I just updated them to formware 1.2.0. I will report after race at 19:20 CET.

Still same issue. Even using it, steering decides to self shut down and even if you start it again, you lose controls and braking. I am going to contact zwfift support.

Until Zwift fully figures these issues out, here’s some of the things that I’ve done & have been suggested by other users to help.

Turn on the play controllers and then plug them into their power charging cord. Connect your devices as normal & this stopped the right controller from dropping. This was true for FW v1.19 and v.1.2 as well as Zwift v1.46 & v1.47.

You can use the companion app as the bridge to connect just the controllers. This seems to mitigate the dropping issues too.

Lastly, I am using a BT dongle on my PC. I got a USB extension cord that moved the dongle from 52" to 22" away from the controllers. That seems to have stopped the right controller from dropping as well.

Hope these suggestions might help you.

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Thank you Charles, i’ll try.

I tried that, but it will only pair both the Zwift Play and my HRM using the same method. If I connect one device to the PC, as soon as I revert to the companion app bridge, it disconnects that device (and vice versa). Unfortunately, my HRM through the phone gives a lousy connection vs direct to PC. So I have to choose more reliable HRM or Steering🤦🏻!!

Have you been able to make separate BT connections to the PC/ companion app? If so, how?

Sorry, I’ve only been able to either connect all devices via BT or all via companion app not both at the same time. So if using the companion app to connect devices like play controllers, you would also connect your trainer/bike via the companion app as well. If you switch to connect via BT, then all devices try connect via BT. I’ve not been able to split them using the Zwift devices menu.

That’s one reason I don’t like trying to connect via the companion app as everything must connect that way. I used the power cord plugin workaround for the play controllers for this reason.

If someone else has a method to split the way the devices menu connects, please feel free to reply.