Zwift Play steering is extremely unreliable

I’ve had to switch my Zwift play controllers off when racing. In both the races I have used them, I have been thrown out to the right and have lost the draft.

No matter how long I try and steer back into the group, it just doesn’t work and leaves me out right of the pack, as far as the avatar can go with no draft. It’s happened in a large pack and a pack of just 5. When I switch them off, my avatar returns to the middle of the pack.

I5 9th gen
Built in graphics
Wahoo Direct connect for trainer
HR via ANT+
Zwift play connection via. Bluetooth

PC is always fully updated, as is Zwift. Any ideas?

the issue with the rider being slung out to the right I believe was fixed, what firmware version are you running for the play controllers?

It happened to me last night!

How would in update the firmware?

turn the play controllers on then go into the companion app and Zwift hardware, it should say if there’s an update or not, just make sure that the main pc isn’t on or they are connected to anything else

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Thank you for your help! I’ve updated the firmware so let’s see how that goes…

I should have read the handbook - what a ■■■■■■■■! Appreciate your advice

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well lets hope it solves your issues

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