Zwift Play / Steering on stops avatar from moving

Hey everyone,

A new Zwift Play user here. I’ve been using it for a few races perfectly until the other day, when my avatar suddenly stopped moving about 40 mins into a race. The only way I could get moving again is to disconnect Zwift Play from my pairings.

Since then, any time that I’m in game, if I have Zwift Play / steering on, I don’t move despite riding and seeing watts. Customer support told me it’s an issue with the Wattbike but I don’t see how that would be the problem at all considering it has been working for a while. Is it an issue of the controls themselves?

I’m on a Mac with a Wattbike, on the latest firmware and fully charged Zwift Play controls. Let me move!


Hi Rik

Are you wattbike still connected, and showing watts while you are holding still. If so check if the red light on the back of the bike is bright when you have them connected, showing that you are braking? The brake/steer button broke on my right one, so it would constantly brake and make it impossible to move even though watts etc was working.

You can try and recalibrate the button, but on mine that only meant that the right one could neither steer or brake, so got a video of that and got them replaced instead. Calibrating Your Zwift Play

Aha! Thank you Joakim!

It was connected and showing me braking as soon as steering was on, I even sent it to Zwift customer support and they blamed the Wattbike, but I recalibrated both of the controllers and it seems to be working… for now at least!

Spoke too soon, same thing started to happen again… this time, 1 min before the end of a race. Looks like it’s a broken brake/steer button, also on the right hand controller too!