Weird controller bug stops forward progress

Weird bug happened consistently today after I did the update. At various times, my avatar made no forward progress despite having power, speed, and cadence data. Avatar’s legs spin but go nowhere. Using the controller to go left or right also made the avatar move forward. After a few seconds, things return to normal for a while. Seemed to happen at intersections and hills, maybe just a coincidence. After happening 3-4 times, I disconnected the controllers and the rest of the ride went fine.

Mac, Bluetooth, Wahoo Bike, Controllers, and Polar HRM connected.

Hi @Rich_Langston

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Looked through your server logs and your Play controllers are on outdated firmware version 1.0.0. Instruction video and firmware release notes are here.

Would you let us know if updating firmware gets your avatar unstuck?

I had the same problem.

With “Zwift Play” switched on, no movement even though values from the trainer were available.
Normal driving behavior with the controllers switched off. A firmware update was available but the
attempt to install was aborted. The result is that the left controller is “death”.
It can no longer be switched on (even if the on/off buttons are pressed for a long time).
Charging doesn’t work either (no reaction from the LEDs). I’ll now wait a few days to see if Zwift
provides a solution, otherwise it should be replaced.