Announcing Zwift Play

Zwift, the global online fitness platform, has today launched Zwift Play, the first game controllers designed specifically for Zwift. With Zwift Play, riders can now take full control of their game experience from the comfort of their handlebars - it’s time to leave the keyboard behind!

Until now, the easiest way to control the Zwift experience has been through Zwift Companion app. Those using Zwift Companion to interact with Zwift are more active, riding 2-3 times more per month than those without. Despite the added benefits, Zwift Companion app users are in the minority. With most setups designed to optimise cooling and to maximise screen size, controls for the majority of Zwift have been at arms length. Zwift Play aims to unlock the benefits of game interaction for more Zwifters by placing full control at their fingertips.

Zwift Play controllers attach to your drop handlebars using silicone straps, making them quick to fit or remove, as required. Once mounted, the controllers will give Zwifters complete control. A directional pad on the left controller, allows for seamless navigation of game menus and also enables Zwifters to select turns or U-Turn while exploring Zwift’s virtual worlds.

Shortcut buttons placed on the right controller are laid out in a familiar configuration allowing Zwifters to keep their eyes on the road. Buttons allow riders to make selections in menus but when riding act as shortcuts to give Ride Ons, deploy PowerUps, skip workout blocks, teleport to Pacer Groups, and more.

Both controllers also feature paddles that deliver steering and braking functionality. Rock the paddle inwards to brake and pull out to steer. Simple. From launch, Zwifters will be able to steer in events and in freeride mode, allowing riders to clip every apex.

Zwift Play controllers will be launching alongside a new Beta Zwift Play Game Experience. The first of these new experiences is the renewed Repack Rush (formerly Repack Ridge). Repack Rush showcases some of the new functionality of the new game controllers, testing Zwifters on a twisting course where they need to dodge braking pads, snag boost pads and collect time bonuses to set a time. Repack Rush is a great personal challenge when you want to simply escape and have a little extra fun on the bike.

Zwifters can expect to see new game experiences launched and tested over the coming months. During this beta testing phase, Zwift Play will be available for a limited time at a discounted price of $99//£99//€99. The planned MSRP will be $149//£149//€149.

Please see the Zwift Play FAQ on

Zwift Play is available for purchase in the United States, United Kingdom, and the European Union Zwift Play—Wireless Controllers for Braking and Steering.

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Now this is some cool stuff :sunglasses:

Nice idea, but I ride a hybrid bike, so they wouldn’t work well on my handlebars. Maybe the road and gravel bike users are the priority at the moment, but they’re not the only bikes being used.

Maybe a future iteration would look at this.

You can make your flat bar bike a drop bar bike too


Looking at your Zwift Play PDF. You guys planning on mapping those new controller functions found in Workout, Events and Freeride to keyboard commands? Thanks!

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Now I use an iPad to Zwift but am I the only person thinking… Why?

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what is it that you don’t understand about the functionality?

What’s the braking option for?

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I mostly do workouts and race, at no time have i needed the app or a keyboard apart for a quick GL before the race starts etc. Steering? braking? nope… Like i said though to me its a workout nothing more…

No way to use them with flat bars?

What’s the point of braking?

So maybe a silly question that I’d like to see an answer on.

These are bluetooth wireless only (USB / wired versions would be hugely appreciated in this regard).

Windows / PC doesn’t totally love multiple devices, let alone one some days…

How is this supposed to work if people are already using bluetooth and at capacity? (trainer, HR)

You would have to compare through the companion app if you are on ATV with limited connections.

Why would this not be compatible with the Stages SB20???

Should work for kickr bike aswell? We do already have brakes and buttons on the hood.

I just noticed the price lol, I assume Zwift come out and fit it for that?


They install on top of the buttons on the drops

Will be really handy to stop overshooting a group when catching them up, especially in events such as TTTs…

If I’m honest I thought they’d be more expensive. Best to jump on them whilst they have a 3rd off.

Windows handles multiple BT connections OK and certainly better than the ATV where you are limited.

I’ve got a HR, Runn, Treadmill and phone all linked in one go and never had an issue.