Zwift Play: disable braking option

For Zwift Play is there an option or ability to disable manual braking? Function isn’t needed atm for most and prevent accidental braking when in use.

Is there a way to disengage Zwift Play mid ride without slowing down and reenable autopilot or vice versa?

Is there a way to select rate to turn or turn sensitivity?

It’s a no to all of those I’m afraid. If you enable Zwift Play then the braking is part of it.

And if you unpair mid ride then yes you’ll come to a grinding halt when you hit the pairing screen.

could you not just turn them off?

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Yeah i guess you could but then I’m seeing reports of Zwift crashing when you do this mid ride.

Not sure why anybody would need to go the extent of turning them off mid ride. Just change hand position so you’re nowhere near them. I can understate accidental braking when steering but not accidental braking when you’re not using any other button.

I can see how you could easily brake when shifting gears on shimano set ups. changing to small sprockets or smaller ring up front using the smaller leaver could easily mean you knock the braking part of the zwift play.

Fair play. I’m Di2 so don’t have the lever movement to take my hands nearer the play.

I think the steering/braking movements are the wrong way around (for me at least) much harder to accidentally pull the lever outwards then press it inwards - an accidental bit of steering is likely to annoy people less than an accidentally braking. Especially if that is when they are changing through the gears which means they are likely trying to ramp up the speed

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I wonder was this what happened to me, I was tapping the braking during my final sprint up hill. I could have been trying to change gears, now that you mention it.

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They need to introduce key mapping. I would put my brakes somewhere else if I had the option.


It’s a fail safe to troubleshoot, for some reason it isn’t working well you can disable it. There are other situations when it is long and straight like the desert of Watopia, you don’t need steering and would prefer auto pilot.

yeah, they do get in the way a bit when trying to shift gears on mechanical shimano. would be no issue if steering and braking actions were reversed. you might just do a little zig zag changing gear every now and then but better than stopping!

Yes, it’s definitely due to them being in the way of the Shimano shifters - GRX here.
IMO they should require both buttons to be pressed if you want to brake. You may still get the occasional accidental brake but it’s going to be much, much less likely.

Just move the controller down a bit. In all my riding I never hit the breaks. Shimano 105

These are my suggestions, maybe you have others.

  • More mounts and option to relocate it. Zwift say they placed it on 400 bikes and 97% of them work. Obviously less than 3% of those are mountain bikes. You need a mount for putting it on the tops.

  • Option to remap the buttons. Need access to relocate the brakes or disable them.

  • Option for quick photo hotkey.

  • Is there one for group ride on? I know pressing Z replies a ride on, but can I just spam ride on?

  • Option to disable and enter autopilot.

  • Multiple Option for sensitivity to steering and method. The steering is analog but when you are pushing Z5, your fingers lacks the finesse. Change it to Time*Rate of change. Short tap .1-.2s is a slight movement, a hold 0.21s+ is a quick turn.

This would be a bad thing (in events).

Press and hold Z for Ride On bomb


Just done a race and Play did nothing. Although connected and was working fine before I entered the race.
Is Play disabled in races??
Not a single button did a thing.
Running through companion app to ATV.

Shimano shifter cause braking on Zwift Play.

Looks like brake levers angled inwards may complicate alignment of the Play controls. If I understand the perspective correctly.

The break/shifter lever is engaged right now, that is why it looks angled.

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