Brake control device

I would like to have a BT/ANT break pressure senstive adapter to place instead of the rim/disc between the brake pads. This would give me back brake control. A game modification is still needed …


This will be so cool.

I would like if Zwift implement brake control in the software with a option to use a game controller or keyboard shortcut.

Then the community can get creative with electronic devices.

Steering should also be opened up to the users to innovate.

It would need to be beneficial though wouldn’t it? why would you brake if there was no risk of crashing/falling off? why slow yourself down without need?

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Just like it us in car simulation. Too fast in corners, slip off or bike damage. Bike damage = permanent slow down, repair with drops.

I think that would just be annoying, particularly if it happened in the middle of a race – and let’s face it, that’s the only time it matters how fast we’re going in corners.

But I could imagine using the brakes for positioning if it meant we got to take a faster line through those corners.

Reaching the fence on a descent

I use a spin bike and during rides with a robopacer, there is no way to slow down when you start to go down a hill. If you are ahead of slower robopacer you will get to far ahead and lose your drop multiplier. A way to slow down would be nice as this can get annoying when it occurs.

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I don’t want crashing or bike damage. But it would be great if we could brake to get the best possible line through the corner.

Going to fast you will take the wide line that is slow

Going to slow you take the perfect line but you loose time against the better riders.

But this will bring up the same complaints as steering “why must I pay for exstra devices” and "ATV has only 2 inputs "

I guess any game has some optimised setup, gamers pay lots of money for the best kb and mouse to get the fraction of advantage.

If Zwift implement it in a kb key and the companion app and controller interface it will be cheaper and more accessible

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Yep, that’s a good point. OK, slowing down on hills when trying to stay with a Pace Partner (or behind the fence) is a good reason to have braking.

I still don’t want to have to brake on an AdZ descent just so I don’t slide off and crash. That would be so annoying.

Or a quicker bike change in a fast ride/event.

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Now that would be a game changer!

Even more so if you could equip two or three bikes into loadout slots, then if you come to a stop using the brakes the game brings up a bike quick-change dialog box.

You just click the bike you want to swap to and start pedalling again.

Super-fast changes. O_o

Just go to the pairing screen and you come to a stop

Still takes a bit of time though doesn’t it? It’s a while since I did a proper bike swap from a high speed.

Does it still stop you if you’re freewheeling down a descent?

I don’t swap bikes but i think it does

if you have a keyboard just press a and you go straight to the screen, then exit it once you have stopped - can’t see how that is any slower than if you had something to press to brake then have to navigate the menu screens.

as an aside - i think bike swapping in races should be banned, just pick a bike and go with that, wouldn’t be allowed in real life. having said that - I don’t race so really don’t care very much at all!

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Bike changes are allowed in IRL bike races, under some conditions

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Nor would powerups. Let’s not get hung up on whether a video game is like real life.

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like i said - i don’t really care, doesn’t affect me just my opinion.

what would be cool would be a power up that turned all surfaces to tarmac for 30 seconds to a minute. A bit like the aero boost but foir rolling resistance - could make tarmac even faster

Do those conditions include “but i don’t like gravel” haha

I don’t have a keyboard at the ready, only the Comp App and a Mouse. So the pairing screen takes a couple of clicks to get to. Braking with the Comp App would be faster.

I don’t even have a mouse handy, just the Companion App. I can’t see why a braking button couldn’t be added to that if it was really required*. It could be done at the same time as adding the Bell button.

*(I’m in the “you shouldn’t be changing bikes mid-ride” camp)