Braking / speed limiting in corners

I know this has been raised before, but I’ve yet to see a Zwift HQ response to it!

I believe it would significantly improve the Zwift experience and add realism if there were to be some braking / speed limiting before and in corners.

This would add realism.  It would also introduce another variable into the mix that would enhance Zwift by making it more realistic, requiring acceleration out of corners and reducing speeds a little.  All of which would make it more interesting and have the side benefit of improving racing, by making it less TT like, and needing more accelerations

RoadGrandTours has implemented it and it works just fine, (with visual indication by turning your power figure red so you know you are being braked)

I’d really encourage Zwift HQ to keep moving the in-game physics forward, not to keep it the same just because that’s the way it is!  Would love to hear some feedback from the powers that be! :slight_smile:

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Completely agree, and you’re right it’s been mentioned in several forums.


I suspect reason not formally replied is that there is nothing in place yet to fix. Zwift won’t want to positively confirm that it’s an issue nor close the door on its introduction at some point. I’m no programmer but this is a major change to the in game mechanics so won’t be introduced until they’re confident.

Yep  +1 from me 

It would massively enhance the realism of the game. Going around a sharp corner at 50mph isn’t possible in real life, so shouldn’t be in Zwift. 

On RoadGrandTours it makes the descents fun as you have to time your accelerations out of corners.

Great idea!

Descending should be multiple accelerations as you wind your way down.

Not one acceleration until the next incline.

Yes Mark, I know you’ve raised it before also.  I wasn’t sure back then, but having thought more and played a bit with RGT, it does seem doable in principle.

No doubt intended and unintended consequences to be worked through (impact of braking on groups or riders perhaps) but I’m sure that can be tested and worked out.

Plus I’ve been thinking a bit about what would improve racing and riding on Zwift and this stands out in my mind as something that would add a new dynamic.

So with apologies for raising an issue already raised, I did feel it was worth a ‘bump’.

I have been thinking about groups going around corners. If there was a optimum speed to take the perfect line into and around a corner then this will make the “game” very interesting. If you go to fast you will have a less perfect line therefore traveling further and loosing position. 

+1 . I really like this Feature in RGT.

Sometimes i have to close my Eyes in ZWIFT - riding with a Beamer, so i get some kind of motion sickness when riding downhill corners.

RGT does it even better by having us lean through corners. That is REALLY nice for realism on a big screen!

And introduce a “crash” mechanic into the game if cornering too fast, particularly in the wet :slight_smile:

I have just had a downhill ride on Alpe du Zwift and thought that the speed in the corners is absolutely insane and would warrant some kind of braking function implemented.

Dear Zwift…  clearly, a braking feature for corners is desired and would add greatly to the realism and competitiveness of the experience.  

I know that you would be doing it if it was easy.  :)  So, us users need to be patient and look forward to the day when realistic corner braking is a part of the Zwift package.

Thanks for the great program and awesome indoor cycling experience!!

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I rode down Alpe du Zwift and was going nearly 80 kph though the hairpins with just the momentum of me coasting down the hills. I did not notice any slowing at all for the hairpins other than a tiny fraction because the slope changed briefly.

It was completely messed up, as I didn’t even lean over on them in spite of the near 80 kph speed through them.

Let the pros beat that!