Realistic descending/cornering

Why doesn’t the zwift algorithm correct descending/cornering speeds when coming off climbs, into corners. One can hit a 180 degree switchback at 50mph, which I have coming down off the Alpe. How about forcing a realistic speed approaching the corner that could be sustained in real life? That would make sense, and the racing would be more realistic that way too. You have to scrub speed into a tight corner to stay up in life. Why can’t zwift make this easy adjustment?

Other than the ‘more realistic’ aspect, what would be the point of trying to program this in? For one, I’m guessing there would be a barrage of complaints about ‘how this messed up all of my previous times on X route’ For another thought, what benefit would be gained, outside of the visual piece? I’m guessing all riders would slow down at the same rate, so it wouldn’t make any difference (except for overall time) in a race or event. IRL corners really come into play because people have different abilities (or different risk tolerances), but that can’t be taken into account in a Zwift environment.

I’m not saying this is a bad idea, I’m just not really sure it’s something that Zwift should be focusing on at this point, when there are a lot of other pressing things to correct first.


I think it does have a measureable affect on a ride, given that if you are made to accelerate after a slowdown, that has a fitness dimension to it. Not just a visual affect. In races your position can be determined by how deep into an event you are able to continue accelerations with power. It would be harder if they slowed you down. Ha.

Ok, how fast can one take a corner, they could determine that…everyone gets the same ability. There will always be a barrage of complaints no matter what they do.

Fair point. I forgot about the accelerations after each slow down.

Please, no, it would have to be like motor racing games were the only clue is visual to what would be OK speed or not. In the real world as you get to feel what is on the limit. It would really annoy me to find I had crashed or got seriously slowed just because I wasn’t watching the screen close enough.

It would make Zwift more life like if we could brake with our brakes. I don’t mind being thrown off the Alp as long as Zwift has told us before hand what the cornering speed limits are. In fact the more I think about it the better and funnier is seems. :slightly_smiling_face:

Write off your current cycle, spend more drops on a replacement bike and two weeks off Zwift (unable to ride due to being in Zwift Hospital) LOL (I can see the complaints racking up already)
OK I’ve gone a bit far now.
Braking could be good though, if implemented correctly.

Agree entirely with this idea. Zwift automatically brakes on descents for corners, using the same deceleration, to the same speed, for everyone. The principal would be that everyone would have perfect braking and cornering ability, just as the existing one that everyone has the same aero position ability. The two big advantages I see are making rides more realistic (in terms of speed and time) and adding the acceleration efforts that add the extra dynamic, particularly to races and group rides.

If it was automatically applied then I agree it would be better than taking bends at unrealistic speeds.

As long as we don’t crash. Slowing down could be fun then you can rest going into the corner and accelerate out of it.

The programming won’t be easy.

Right, I wouldn’t envision braking on the part of the rider…but you’d also have to let up into a corner or find the right effort level) if they’re slowing you down, to not waste energy. No crashing allowed. I don’t care how hard the programming is- I want what I want…I think. :wink:

I don’t want this.

Trainer rides are great because you don’t have to slow stop or free spin. It’s more efficient way to train without these concerns.

It will not help your bike handling skills and so road riding is important to build that skill set.

I don’t believe trying to make zwift a full on simulation will make you a better road riders so why ask it to do something it can’t while reducing the functionality of what it does well?

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