Downhill risks

Seems like the downhill part of riding is rather haphazard in Zwift, with people racing down at unrealistic speeds especially if they do not have a smart trainer. To mitigate this, I suggest putting in a function that will potentially crash your bike if you go too fast around a turn and therefore virtually overcook the corner, with risk higher if you’re going faster or accelerating through a corner and lower if you’re not. I would not suggest a all-or-nothing threshold for crashing but a gradual increase in chance of crashing - sometimes you’ll be lucky!

What would be better would be auto braking like rival app Road Grand Tours uses. You then go around corners on descents at realistic speeds and have to give it some juice to get going fast again. At the moment descending and going around corners is totally unrealistic in Zwift.

+1 on the auto braking. It’s plainly daft that corners have no effect at all on Zwift. It’s noticeable riding the likes of RGT that descents require almost as much effort as the climbs as you have to accelerate out of the braking zones so the corners aren’t just eye candy.

Definitely auto braking.  I get fed up with big heavy riders just tearing past me at huge speeds that they really wouldn’t be able to do in the real world.

Auto braking for all corners, not just downhills.

don’t you tear past them on the uphills? #Asking4A105KgRider :wink:

No.  Watts per kilo is what matters going up the hills and the speed is so slow the corners aren’t an issue anyway so everything is fair.  Downhill, what makes speed is total watts and the corners do matter - at least in the real world.

Looks like auto-braking for downhill corners is favored over possible crashing - maybe people are more accepting of known effects over uncertain risks. Interesting insight into gaming psychology.

Either way, some way to make downhill riding a little less unrealistic gets support. I don’t race (so far) but if I was I’d be unhappy at the unrealistic gaming that goes on at the downhill (kinda like competing with downhill dopers - except it’s allowed/legal).

Well, I do like how RGT handles corners (also the tilting). I don’t mind that those of us who put our actual weight (not dehydrated, naked, round-down, holding onto helium balloons weight) get a little help to rest up or attack on the downhills. Probably even with the RGT algorithm on corners, heavier riders would have an advantage downhill because gravity will help us out of the corner – as IRL. :wink:

Auto braking would be great.


also cornering, some of the hairpins in London are hilarious as you can approach them at massivley unrealistic speeds. In reality most would be taken at <10mph (16kph).