Realism downhill

I’d actually like to be stopped down to a certain minimum/maximum speed taking turns downhill in Zwift.

Taking hairpin turns with 60km/h isn’t that realistic and it would actually be fun to have to accelerate afterwards again, keeps you engaged in the downhills as well and adds to the realism.

in addition it would give you more realistic numbers on the mileage, maybe quieting some of the “a virtual ride is cheating”-folks out there a bit :wink:

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Road grand tours slows down for corners when descending so it’s possible. Feels much more realistic as you’re having to get up to speed again by putting out more power.

Yes, 1+ from my side

How about you choose to break or not and to what speed, get it wrong and crash!! you’d get back on but lose time. could add tyres to the bike set up then to get a balance of speed/grip.