realistic decent and cornering



Really enjoying the Zwift experience for my first winter indoors! Very realistic indoor cycling. One thing I do not find realistic though is the descending. 2 main issue for me are:

  • cornering at full speed. Surely it’s not that difficult to calculate a maximum possible speed in a corner based on rider weight and corner angle. And give some visual feedback that the avatar is braking before taking a corner.
    This would greatly improve the experience and make downhill’s interesting for races.

  • There is no feedback on the effect on putting power on the pedals. Sometimes  I am putting 200-300W at high speed and going at maybe 70km/h. If I stop pedalling the speed stays the same. If I start pedalling again nothing changes either. Some visual feedback on the usefulness of producing power would be nice.

Agree on your first (and the second is just confusing the issue).

I’ve played other sims where there is virtual braking in the corners and it vastly changes the experience. In Zwift at the moment every descent is a straight line, no matter what the visuals are the corners have zero impact on your speed. Whereas if you are slowed into the corners you then have to pick up your speed on exit which means there’s a lot more work that needs to be done and a lot more skill that can be deployed. 

Imagine going down the hairpins on the reverse KOM if you had to take them at realistic speed? Then accelerate out of each one.

I agree with the cornering. Corners are one of the reasons why staying at the front of the pack is so important. In a large field, the rubberband effect at the back of the pack is a major issue in real life…