Turn physics idea - sweet spot w/kg

(Matt Canna) #1

I feel this area is lacking in zwift;

While everyone in a virtual world to go at a constant intensity and not worry about turns as the game handles that for you.  In a real world you have to slow down or brake before a turn.  Why not identify key turns where a rider must target a specific wattage/kg where they either get a time/speed boost if they hit the wattage/kg correctly if they dont they get a time/speed penalty. 

This could be for like hairpain turns, and turns where it is less than 90degress.

Experience could also be gained for every perfectly timed turn

(Scott) #2

This is a really interesting idea. We’ve discussed something similar for the future. 

(Jonathan Lemon) #3

Does sound interesting - but brings up the other problem - how do you effectively apply brakes while Zwifting?

(Jeremy Summers - Minehead CC) #4

Could this be an option? I don’t fancy changing intensity for bends etc. that’s why I’m riding a trainer!

(V Hugo Club WBR) #5

Pease get this option in te game. This will make the races far more realistic.

At approaching a big turn your speed is forced down and can’t deliver power for a small moment. At the safe spot you’ll have to step up again to come to speed. As in RL it will take more power to come to speed again. These turns would be ideal for escapes in races but also great for training purposes in group rides.