Braking at Zero Cadence

Team Zwift, Can you please explain the intention behind this test and idea to auto-brake at zero cadence?  It seems to be quite the annoyance for riders who want to freewheel or supertuck.  THANKS.   

Braking would be a very useful function particularly when catching up for a draft. Could a button slider feature be added to the phone app to simulate braking for those using trainers that do not require rear wheel. 

Has the auto-Braking been disabled please?

A true braking feature would be helpful when approaching the start line in a mass start race, and crucial in a TT race. As it is now, I have to guess when to stop pedaling when approaching the line.  This causes me to drift across the line sometimes, or stop well short and sacrifice time upon the command to start racing.

Keyboard command for stop even and a button on app 

I have seen some comments on this and not much in the way of answers.

No feature should ever slow me down. 

Turn auto-brake off. Please. 

There seems to be a trigger of either gradient or speed that allows you to tuck a downhill without pedaling. I was coasting in Richmond the other day and noticed that the gradient needed to be > -5% or so before my avatar would tuck. It could also be speed related so I don’t know exactly. When tucked, “brakes” were not being applied, my speed remained constant until the road flattened out.


Here is my issue with the auto-braking. Every time I shift, the brakes are applied. The orange line is the elevation. Blue line speed and power is yellow. For that brief moment when changing that power hits zero. 


@Darth, are you suggesting that your speed decreases when you stop pedaling?

No I am pedaling, just shifting and in the brief moment that we are talking a second when the power drops to zero, the brakes are applied. I understand physics very well if your not pedaling you go slower. I snagged this section as it relatively flat so momentum should keep you moving during shifts. As you can see the most significant speed changes are during shifts, very abrupt decreases. 

Back in April on a climb, shifting and cadence drops has very little affect on losing speed going up hill. 

From your graph, it’s very difficult to correlate the magnitude of speed change with respect to power. No labels for x-y axis. Is x-axis time in minutes?

Why does your power drop to zero when you shift gears? I don’t recall ever seeing such a phenomenon using both a Stages power meter (indoors and outdoors) and a KICKR. now I do see and expect a brief decrease in power when shifting gears sometimes, I would not expect to see a consistent drop to zero watts with every gear change.

Perhaps the issue is with your power meter or trainer? All devices report on power in different ways (i.e. smoothing/averaging, etc.) and frequencies (i.e. once per second, etc.). 

When your power drops to zero I would expect the game to respond by decreasing speed.  

Decrease yes, braking no.


I would suspect something is a miss. It is very noticeable even going downhill, we are talking 2-4 mph changes in a matter of a second. There could be a cadence issue as I am generally only on the kickr with no other sensors. Power meter is on the cx bike right now. The software could be taking the shift as a complete zero cadence scenario. I did notice somehow I have cadence in the file without a cadence sensor. There is an auto-brake feature, I still just don’t understand its need.  


I suggest getting a cadence sensor. I use the Garmin GSC-10. Then see if this phenomenon continues to occur.

I’m not aware of either the KICKR or Zwift calculating a virtual cadence. It could be done but would be inaccurate without knowing a bunch of other things, including gearing, wheel size, etc.


Not to be mean or troll, but how about disable auto-brake and I don’t have to buy 7 cadence sensors for my/wife’s bikes. 

As for the virtual cadence, apparently it does. 

What problem does an auto-brake feature solve? 

Braking was implemented to help with drafting. 

Braking is also nice when you want to come to a stop and end your ride. If you are not using the Zwift Mobile App, then the only way to end and save a ride is to come to a complete stop.

Braking was implemented to help with drafting. (Drafting was fine)

Braking is also nice when you want to come to a stop and end your ride. If you are not using the Zwift Mobile App, then the only way to end and save a ride is to come to a complete stop. (As you pointed out when you stop pedaling your speed decreases. My rider seemed to come to a complete stop without the app all the time. Now my avatar seems to want to stop all the time.)