Why would I want to brake?

I have been using Zwift Play for a few weeks, and I still haven’t figured out why I would ever want to brake.

  • To come quickly to a stop to do a bike change.
  • Some races have FTS segment points where it’s advantageous to start at the back of the group and draft to the front so having brakes to drop back prior to the segment could help.
  • In a TTT a slight tap of the brakes might help keep your position in a paceline better.

So as not to drop the RoboPacer on.the downhills if you’re a sturdier gentleman.

I imagine.


At one point (in the last season on zwift communication last year) they mentioned they were going to implement auto-braking around corners. Maybe when that is implemented if you had braking hardware you might be able to be more effective at that than the auto-braking logic and round corners more effectively?

That said, the auto-braking was not actually yet implemented, so who knows if it’s still something they will do.

If you do the Repack Rush ‘game’ the braking can also come in handy.

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If you want to get off the front and back into draft, a quick touch of the brake can get you there quickly

is it any better than just going to the pairing screen? seems like it would be slower to come to a stop then go to the pairing screen?

Double brake can stop you pretty quick but probably no faster than the pairing screen. Maybe on apple TV though? Not sure what the steps are for atv pairing.

A lot quicker on ATV to hit the brakes than to use the remote to navigate to the Pairing screen.

I must say that braking is a lot more useful than I thought it would be, even without the promised downhill cornering changes.

when you’re raking in the XP on a (no video!) Zoom call on your ratty MTB with the noisy chain and the CEO asks you a question.

that’s fair, i was more thinking of just pressing the a key on PC

i have never needed/wanted to swap bikes quickly so have no real need for braking

if only there were a quicker way to mute the sounds coming from your computer

I don’t think the CEO would like that.

As a sweeper through the week, I go into the sensor select screen to brake after pulling people through, and have been doing it that way for as long as I’ve been sweeping.

Allows me to slow down, and also slow down whomever I’m sweeping so I don’t fling them through to the front and through a potential fence.

But I’d love to be able to do it without having to spend $100+