Delay atuo brake for 2 seconds

hi, when riding in zwift if my power drops to zero even for a second my rider slows down without any delay. problem is if im in a pack it drops me out the back. then i have to go hard to catch back up or i get dropped. i have successfully changed my riding style to minimize power drops (i still get a few every ride). but i get what i think are signal or wifi losses that dont even last for a second, then im off the back. i ride a cyclops hammer.
i love everything about zwift. well except when it sticks me on the side of the pack with no draft.
but instant auto brake is a game killer for me. that’s why i suggest the auto brake delay.

Would be also great if the auto braking force was two times weaker than it is now. Together with the true draft that would be perfect to have at all times. For those who wants to workout there is a workout mode and group workouts with a rubber band etc, all the others just want to have fun and some kind of a real world experience while it is -20ºC outside.
I also think that it would be great to have a keyboard shortcut (button in companion app) to actually manually stop, sometimes it is annoying when you want to swap bikes/wheels or just to wait for a friend but there is 12km of descending left (yes, I’m talking to you Alpe Du Zwift).


This doesn’t address your wish to have this in the companion app, but I suppose you know about pressing “A” in game for sensor pairing, to come to a complete stop?

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You could U-turn and coast uphill to slow down and stop.

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I like this suggestion. In a real world group you can easily keep your legs still for a couple of seconds and hardly notice it in your position in the group, whereas in Zwift you MUST keep pedaling at all times to maintain your draft.

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both options are not usable on ATV and actually they speak towards why this option is needed

Wow, I didn’t realise you can’t U-turn on ATV. Can’t you do it using the Companion app? How do you select normal turns?

I like it. But I’d say make the delay 10 seconds, or longer!

And maybe add a keyboard shortcut (B?) to toggle auto-braking on and off completely?

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well, you can, but it doesn’t always work.

There is one more reason for delay in auto brake, for instance Wahoo KICKR is known to loose signal for a less than a second (they call it spikes caused by interference), after which it sets resistance to maximum (2KILOWATTS LOL) so it is impossible to turn pedals at all for a moment and then resistance slowly get back to normal. I get this every ride and not to say it is annoying, but it also leads to a drop from a pack during races.

(Yes, I contacted WAHOO. After pouring water in emails for two months, and excluding all the possibilities for interference, they politely ignored all the questions with an evidence to a software issue on the KICKR side and said to me that this is normal behavior for their top tier product, deal with it dear customer)

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I’d just like to be able to adjust the tension knob on a shoe (BOA system) without having the brakes applied. It takes me about half a second but I have to stop pedaling to do it.