Option to turn off steering in game settings

I find it would be helpful to have an option to turn off steering in the game settings. We can turn off other features of the play controllers, like virtual shifting, but no option to disable steering today. I want to retain play controllers for game control and virtual shifting in particular, but disable steering.

Steering as implemented today can be a detriment in some race settings and interfere with draft behavior in groups. This is especially evident in the WTRL TTT events when in mixed teams - some team members with steering and some without. It seems very hard to keep the two setups interacting efficiently. Steering riders seem to successfully draft steering riders, and non-steering riders draft other non-steering riders well, but both groups seem to have different ‘tracks’ within the lane and can’t seem to share them, hampering draft. Getting non-steering riders to be able to draft a rider with steering seems very hard, even when everyone is paying attention and collaborating as we do in a TTT.

In other general races, I’ve found it hard to collaborate with non-steering riders in breakaways too. Same sort of issues - we appear to be on different tracks within the lane, regardless of any adjustments I make (or not touching the steering hoping it autosteers like default).

Being able to turn off steering would hopefully provide a way to return to prior behavior, while still retaining other very useful functions on the play controllers.

I would add braking to this request too

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Hi @RobS, welcome back to Forums. It’s Juan here from Zwift. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts here.

Feedback from Zwifters like you is always helpful in developing improvements to all aspects of the gaming experience. I hold in high regard your enthusiasm for fair play about using Zwift Play in certain circumstances, such as racing.

I’ll share your comments with the most appropriate team for notes along with @Chris_Holton’s comments. Thanks for being part of our community.

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thanks - the main issue for me is that i often catch the braking function when changing gear

I’ve not noticed it actually slow me down just that the brake light comes on for a second.

There are so few occasions that I need to come to a quick stop that i can live without it (and just press a on the keyboard to stop if needed)

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