Announcing Zwift Play

I can’t even get my Kickrbike and a single other device to work simultaneously on my end :frowning:

A lot can depend on what revision of BT you are using and the quality of your BT hardware.

I run a BT app on my phone that communicates with my treadmill. Refuses to work on BT5.0, fine on 4 though. Some of the cheap Chinese dongles can be an issue along with the Low Energy ones.

Can post a link to the one I use that works like a dream?

Yes please do share! or PM me if you wish.

I think my 4.1 doesn’t like my Kickrbike, but my 5.1 does, but my 5.1 doesn’t like some of my other devices (lots of drops etc.)
Gotta love it!

Get the 4.0 version.

Appears to be out of stock from that link but search around and you’ll find them elsewhere I’m sure.

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Oh crickey! Just seen the price! Hard pass from me

So IF I decided to buy them can I choose which currency I want to buy them in ? £ 99 isn’t equal to €99 or $99 !!

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I ordered them, not even looking at the specs.

Damn. SB20 not supported for steering or gearing natively and now not even supported by their accessory. Grrrrrrrrr

Looks like they will be returned as soon as I receive them. As no order cancellation are possible


They look cumbersome

They’ll probably work if you can get them installed over the drop bar buttons. Not impossible but not ideal.

I feel punished, because I’m a heavy Zwift addict. So I made the decision to invest in a dedicated Zwift setup. So I bought 3 years ago a stages bike, with the promise that the additional buttons would be integrated with Zwift.

3 years later the buttons are still useless, Zwift launches the play, and they aren’t compatible with a stagesbike……



It’s because they fit where the gear buttons are positioned on the drops.
Pretty easy fix to remove them and fit new bar tape. For me anyway, as I’ve very rarely used those buttons.

Look interesting, but about 4x my price limit for bluetooth buttons.

I feel that unless I’m riding on Zwift 4x per week it’s not worth the subscription either, so maybe I’m not the target audience. I’m worried not having these if a few people do and it confers significant advantage in racing will further reduce the fun and I’ll end up needing to ride 8 days a week for it to be worthwhile.

Can we steer with a keyboard yet?

Live in Australia. Have TT bars. Don’t care.

If Zwift steering is the way forward then please add a steering control to the Companion app instead of locking huge numbers of your users out because you don’t ship their region or they don’t have a compatible bike (and no, I’m not buying a sterzo).


Not everyone uses the Companion App either so your solution doesn’t even start to be comprehensive.

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My initial concern is I’d be paying £99 for a set of buttons that can exclusively be used on Zwift (or is that not the case?), while for example a Sterzo Smart costs less and can be used on a number of turbo apps.

Yes, the Zwift Play has more buttons and functions, but the main one I’d be interested in right now would be lane steering in races, as braking isn’t an active feature as far as I’m aware.

I’m always amazed at how negative and condescending the cycling community is with everything :rofl: the product isn’t even in consumer hands yet, and every comment in this thread is negative already.


My only problem is that I already have a Sterzo so weighing up the cost vs. function is a bit more tricky. If I didn’t have the Sterzo I’d have already hit the Order button. :smiley:

As a heavy sweater who rides on the hoods 99% of the time and with no water proofing I’ll be curious as to the long term durability.

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you should watch GP Llama’s video

same thing happened when disc brakes and electronic shifting were introduced “that’s stupid, who needs it, too expensive, etc…”