Moving HRM sensor to companion app from Apple TV stops reading HR

Appreciate you taking time to report back! This is useful feedback for our team working on the new pairing wizard.


Thanks for being so responsive.

I deleted my regular Zwift App for both my iPad and iPhone… plus the Companion App from my iPad ( only location )

Entry into Zwift was a problem so I decided the best course of action was to once again delete the App from ATV….

When I went back in I immediately could see my data after the Tacx Neo 2T uploaded them my Garmin chest HRM uploaded and I did a 30 mins ride.

I saw my ride finish… I hit the menu and saved my ride but instead of giving me the opportunity to completely log out I was presented with a screen that told me I was on a 4 weeks streak…my horizontal bar code heading towards level 19 and the only option was to CONTINUE… well I have been down that rabbit hole before which is essentially a loop where you have no opportunity to “log off”……so I held the Menu button on my Apple TV remote to get the App back onto the screen showing other apps on my TV…doubt that I have complete.;y ;paged off and I will face an issue the next time i jump on the bike

Thank you


PS Once again 85% happy but still some frustrations left to solve

Hi Shuji,

Ride 1.
Connected via bluetooth to Apple TV 4K using KICKR V5 and wahoo 2.0 HRM.
HR and cadence worked as expected. Connected and stable HR and cadence etc.
HR is reporting as expected (as it did prior to the new pairing wizard).
The HR is now the same as my apple watch reports.

Ride 2.
Back to the same HR issues.
Low HR reporting on both bluetooth and via the companion app.
Connects and stays connected, however reports 40 to 60 bpm below actual.
Refuses to go above 90bpm for the majority of a ride.
Change to comp app, and it thinks I am at resting HR whilst on a climb… yeah right.
The apple watch is constantly much higher and as expected for my effort. The HR strap reports accurate HR with other apps inc my edge 1040 outside.

So, no fix here…


For a wile it worked perfect to pair sensors with appletv throug companion. Some time at de end of 2023 (oct or nov) The HRM (garmin hem dual) stoped working. After trying everythin, i started to use lap topp or IPad instead of AppleTv. No problem.
Yesterday i papired up to The laptop through companion with a mistake, and The HRM dis not work. I shot of Bluetooth On my iPhone and run The app On my laptop again, and it worked fine.
It is online when i paire through companion that I lose The HRM.