Cant connect hr monitor and trainer same time apple tv

After the update i cant connect hr monitor to my apple tv, before the update it works fine , get message to connect by compagnon app , i only connect trainer and hr at the same time

Hello @Ron_CAY_Team_NL, welcome to the forums.

The Apple TV only allows 3 bluetooth connections one of which is taken up by the remote control. You should be able to connect the trainer and the HRM to the Apple TV. Do you have other devices that are trying to connect or are connected to the Apple TV?

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The same connection as before update so nothing extra only trainer and hr monitor , last week it workt fine now its not

is it just the HRM that isn’t connecting, the trainer is still connecting to the Apple TV?

The trainer works fine , when to try connect hr ii need to use companion app that was not the case last week

that is strange, perhaps removing the battery from the HRM will reset it?

Hrm.will connect to zwift thats not the problem but zwift will say use companion app to connect it and that was not the case a week ago ,my set up is the same as before and that workt fine till the update

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