Heartrate Monitor Issues since last update

I have a Tacx Neo bike, Apple TV and two Garmin HRM-Pro plus (one for my daughter, one for me). One HRM is older (but with new battery), the other about 2 months old.

This setup worked perfectly - for over a year, … until about a week …

When I start Zwift now it

  1. Takes 2-5 min until the HRM currently used is found (all other devices are found immediately)
  2. Then sometimes complains about “no signal” … really depends.

Both HRMs are only used for Zwift - no connection to any other bluetooth device.

I also tried connecting using the Companion app - actually with the very same behavior.

If you have any ideas how I can solve that please let me know. Personally I’d say "hmmm … latest release came out end of Jan… "

Best regards,

Hi @Christian_Lewold

I took the liberty of looking at the server side reporting for your account, and I’m seeing what looks like a fairly high amount of wireless interference. Not just for your HRM’s but also for your trainer. There are a lot of things that can cause wireless interference, but for Apple TV’s one of the most common factors is a lack of resources. You can recover some of those resources by force closing the apps on your Apple TV. If you need the steps for that this Zwift Support Article has you covered.

If that doesn’t help the situation, I’d suggest taking a look at our BLE and ANT+ interference troubleshooting tips article.

If you’re still having issues after that, I’d recommend reaching out directly to our support colleagues by sending an email to support@zwift.com to see if we can help correct the issue.

Hi Terry!

First of all - thanks for your quick answer.

  • In this room (kind of party area) I have many devices. 2 TVs, 2 ATVs, Soundbars and Music boxes connected via WLAN, mobile phone, apple watch, BT headphones etc. (I’m sure I forgot some).
  • The ATV running Zwift is dedicated to Zwift - no other app runs on it. I restarted this ATV several times in order to ensure no “old running processes” interfere.

I can turn off Bluetooth on some of them, but I don’t see “big” things I can change …
… “but” … this setup is identical since years. The Heartrate Monitor issue came up from one day to the next, so I’m simply guessing it has to do with some changes related to the new Zwift version.

It’s also “strange” that the Bluetooth connection to the Tacx Neo bike works “immediately”, just the HR monitors suddenly cause troubles.

  • I have 2 ATVs (4k Gen-1 used for Zwift, and another 4k Gen-3) used on the main TV. I could exchange them - do you think Zwift might work better on the Gen-3 ATV?
  • Do you think an external bluetooth Antenna would help ?

Needless to say that a working HRM is essential, so your help is really appreciated - thanks

Ok I finally found what’s going on - maybe it helps someone else in future.

First of all - it doesn’t have to do with the Zwifft application at all - it works absolutely fine, and it was just bad luck that my problems started when a new Zwift version came out.

The problem was: I bought a batch of bad batteries from the local store. I Bought 5 Duracel 2032 about 3 month ago, and I never thought they could be “empty” - luckily I have a battery charging measuring instrument at home, and so I found they all were not even half full.

Now I assume the following: the weak batteries affected the HRM such that it sent out “bad signals”, even when not used - this way I was not able to connect my HRM but also my daughter had problems with hers, as mine was interfering with its signals.

Simply said - when you have BT connection problems, ensure the batteries are really good (even when you inserted new ones like I did).

Duracell coin batteries also have Bitrex coating on them to deter children from swallowing them. Many devices will not get good contact with the battery unless you remove the coating. Alcohol will do it. Manufacturers like Apple and Stages advise customers to not use coated batteries. I don’t know if that may have affected your tests or if they were simply bad batteries.

I use Panasonic and LiCB batteries which are uncoated.