No hrm or cad even though they are connected

I am using an iPhone 13 Pro (iOS Version 16.4.1) for companion and Apple TV 4K (Version tvOS 16.4.1) for Zwift. Also, have the latest version of zwift and companion.
I have not had any issues in ages, however this week this starte when I switched between courses/routes.
Neither my hrm nor cadence sensor feedback heart rate or cadence data. They are however connected.
Please pictures attached.
Has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution?

Have you tried unpairing them then rediscover and repair them

Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I have tried unpairing and “forget this device”. Neither seems to have worked.

try force closing zwift on your apple tv, then go back in and reconnect everything. I force close after every use or I get connection problems.

Thanks for the tip!
Hadn’t tried that yet.

Unfortunately no success

Make extra sure that these devices are not paired to anything else. If you ever paired them to some other apps, you’ll have to check those apps carefully or delete them as a troubleshooting step. Also try not pairing via Companion to see if it’s any different.

If all else fails with Apple TV issues, try a factory reset of the device.

Thanks for the advice!

Deleted all apps from other device and factory reset apple tv.
Uninstalled and re-installed only on the respective devices above.
Have managed to now get heart rate monitor working without companion, but not with.
No luck at all with cadence.