Connectivity of devices between companion app and AppleTV 4K

New Zwifter here and I started off just using the iOS app beamed using screen sharing to my AppleTV but found out later this experience could be enhanced by using the companion app and the native app on the AppleTV. I have wahoo cadence, speed and HR monitor on a spin bike - all work fine on the iOS app but blow me, how the ■■■■ can you get it to work “properly” because the app on the TV is a freaking nightmare. The best I can get it that it picks up cadence but nothing else. Companion app (sometime) shows all devices connected with the map (when it finally loads). Surely it should “Just work”???

Zwift does not have a power speed curve for a spin bike.

You will need a supported trainer or power meter pedals.

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Hi @Keith_Derham ! You will see if you poke around in the forum here that there are a lot of people having connectivity issues with AppleTV. I know I am! I wish I had a clever suggestion for you, but since the end of October I haven’t been able to connect my Garmin Dual HRM and get a readout. It connects, looks like it’s going to work, and then stays connected, but gives me 0 BPM. @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ says that you need a supported trainer or power meter pedals. Is that what your speed monitor/sensor is supposed to provide? Have you been to Shane Miller’s YouTube channel? It has lots of info that I have found really helpful and here is a link to what I think is his most recent video about pairing more than two devices via bluetooth to an AppleTV
Hope that helps! Good luck!