AppleTV + Iphone + Companion App + Garmin Sensors

Hi all,

I am running my speed/cadence sensors through my AppleTV. This seems to be working fine…

However, I wanted to get my heart rate monitor (Garmin Forerunner 945) going through my companion app. As soon as I try to establish a link from the AppleTV with the Iphone (companion app) it stops my Garmin sensors from working. Anyone seen this issue before? Is this a Zwift software glitch? Is there a sequencing fix?

I don’t seem to have an issue if I run this set-up with my Mac replacing the AppleTV.


While I use an Apple TV, I have never paired devices through the Companion app. A while ago, I believe Zwift changed the pairing behavior of the AppleTV. Previously, I think you could have devices paired to the Apple TV, and then additional devices via the Companion app. Now, I believe, it’s one or the other. That is, if you have more than two devices, then you should pair everything via the Companion app.

As for the HR from the 945. I am pretty sure the 945 only broadcasts the HR via ANT+. Thus, it will not work with an Apple TV or and iPhone.

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At some point, it appeared you could connect two devices through AppleTV, then additional devices via the Companion App. I believe that, behind the scenes, everything was switched to the Companion App when you made a third connection. In any event, you now use either one or the other. As a note, I had some issues using the Companion App – probably because of my ancient iphone. I bought a device called the NPE Cable, which combines the signals from all my sensors (trainer, HRM, cadence) into one bluetooth signal so I can channel them all directly to AppleTV.

In response to Lin, I’m pretty sure the Forerunner 945 can broadcast heartrate via bluetooth since earlier this year. But I and others have had poor experiences with wrist-based HRMs when biking – you might consider a small investment in a separate HRM.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply! Very much appreciated.

I will try going all through the iPhone and see what happens (I didn’t really clue in that was an option even though I was literally looking right at it). I also own an old iPhone so that might also not help.

The 945 does do HR through the TV or companion app. There are a couple methods (as seen on DC Rainmaker). It’s when I attempt all three at once with the Companion app connected that it went crazy on me on the AppleTV version of Zwift.

If nothing else, I can use my laptop.

I did some checking and apparently in January, BLE HR broadcast was released in a beta firmware. I’m guessing that it’s in the mainline by now.

I haven’t used the NPE Cable but hear nothing but good things about it. I went the Viiiiva HRM route for my ANT+ to BLE bridge. It was easier for me to get at the time and has been awesome.

To be honest, I would prefer the NPE or Viiiiva bridge solution over the use of the Companion app. It is one less thing for Zwift to screw up :smile: