Apple TV 4k, Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, Zwift - connection issue

I would like to connect Garmin Fenix 5 Plus to Zwift app to see Heart Rate but unfortunately Zwift is not finding Garmin watch.

Devices which I have:

Trainer was connected with Zwift, as you can see on attached screen. For sure Bluetooth on watch is also on. Garmin is connected with Iphone. Application Garmin Connect recognize it without any problems.

I just read that Apple TV can only connect to Bluetooth devices…but sth not working…in my case.

Maybe someone have experience with similar configuration.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write it.
Cheers Adam

Hey Adam, your Garmin needs to connect straight to your Apple TV 4k or through the Zwift Companion app.
When you said your Garmin is connected to your iPhone did you mean through the Companion app?

Hello Vincent,

To be honest Garmin is paired only via Garmin Connect application, that’s all.

Most probably the case is that I would like to transfer HR directly from wrist heart rate monitor. I didn’t have any other hate rate monitor on breast.

Could You please share with me instruction how to connect Garmin directly to Apple TV.

Cheers Adam

Most probably the better option will be when I’ll buy heart rate monitor on breast with Bluetooth…I’m considering such a solution as well.

The Garmin does not support BLE as far as I am aware, it is ANT+ only and so will need to bridge using something like the CABLE dongle.

I have the same issues. Zwift via Apple TV only allows two bluetooth connections. You have to use Zwift Companion to add more devices but ALSO could not connect Fenix 5 heartrate. Has this issue been resolved or is there a way to do this?

Hi Vincent, Adam

I have the same problem. Using ZWIFT on apple tv HD connecting via Zwift Companion. Device settings is on to pick up Garmin Devices, yet it does not pick up heartrate on ZWIFT.
Using the following:
Apple TV HD
Zwift on Apple TV
Zwift Companion on iPhone 6s
Garmin Fenix 5

Hi @Karin_La_Grange

Welcome to the forum.

Garmin broadcast HR over ANT+ and Apple TV is bluetooth only so It will not work.

As Steve said above

My solution was following …I bought additional heart rate sensor which supports Bluetooth & ANT technology.

It’s Wahoo Tickr ( I have following, but I’ve checked on Wahoo site and there is a new with different design.

Just to sum up.
During virtual ride I Use, Apple TV, zwift & wahoo tickr.
During regular ride outside, garmin + wahoo tickr.
I hope this help.