Apple TV 4k and apple watch HRM

I am using the native app in my apple TV 4k to zwift. I have a fuild ops 2 that I ride with and a duoTap to supply my speed and cadence. My HRM is a garmin so it uses ANT+ and therefor will not connect to the Apple TV. I have an Apple watch 1 and have heard that I could use that with the zwift mobile link to record my heart rate. I have tried:

  1. Launch Zwift Mobile Link on iPhone
  2. Launch Zwift app Apple TV
  3. Launch Zwift on my Apple Watch
  4. Pair speed and cadence  but not Heart Rate
  5. Start a ride
  6. Tap/Select Menu
  7. Open Bluetooth pairing
  8. Tap/Select Heart Rate
  9. Select Apple Watch

Only the apple TV app can’t find the apple watch. If I zwift on my iPhone it works. I have also heard that the Apple TV will only accept two Bluetooth channels. Is this why I can’t connect my apple watch and therefor any Bluetooth HRM to my apple TV? What role does the ZML perform in all this?

Hopefully, this is helpful:

Make sure you enable Bluetooth sensors in ZML. 

Make sure you download the ZML Apple Watch App to your watch.

The Apple Watch ZML App will not use one of the Apple TV bluetooth “channels”, so you should be good to go.

All that said, my Apple Watch disconnects mid ride CONSTANTLY. I have sent about 15 emails to support, but they are less than helpful and send me to outdated pairing documents that are not updated with Apple TV instructions. 

Hopefully, it works for you.

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Any further update on this?

I have the Apple Watch 3rd gen with ZML running (says UNPAIRED) and Apple TV 4K.  I run Zwift and start the game, then menu > sensors and search for the HRM/Apple Watch. Nada.  The instructions that I have found online are nothing less than crap as they are too generic, and as Mark says, not up to date.


Any help greatly appreciated



Thanks Mark that was the answer.

I also put in a help ticket and got this issue resolved. I was running the zwift app on the the apple watch. To use ZML as a bridge for the Apple TV, you need to run ZML on the watch not the full zwift app. The full zwift app is used for connecting to your phone when running the full app on your phone. Although I will often connect get going and notice that it lost connection. I reconnect and it seems to stay, but my average HR is often much lower than it should be.