Apple 4k and Garmin HRM

How can I get my HRM to work with Apple TV?  I have a garmin chest HRM and cannot get it to connect.

If it does not work, please recommend a HRM that would work with Apple TV.



Garmin devices are ANT+ only and the AppleTV is Bluetooth.

You have a couple options:


Or a HRM that broadcast in BLE (Wahoo Tickr broadcast in both BLE and ANT+ so it’s a very good option).


I bought a Berry King (that highly reputable brand) heart rate strap off Amazon. It was £30GBP and (so far, after a little over a month) has worked perfectly, transmitting in both ANT+ and Bluetooth. 

I’ve got the same problem…I have Apple 4K TV and a Garmin HRM. I’m running a Wattbike Atom connected to the Apple TV using Bluetooth.

The HRM came with a Garmin Fenix watch…do I need to first link the Garmin watch to the HRM and then the watch to the Apple TV?

Or can I link the HRM to the Zwift Mobile app on a tablet via ANT+…?





The Garmin HRM only broadcast in ANT+ and the AppleTV is Bluetooth only so you would need something like CABLE to bridge the ANT+ to the AppleTV.

Your watch and the ZML cannot be used to bridge the ANT+ connection.

Another option is to get a duel band HRM like the Wahoo Tickr.

Thanks Paul.

So the Garmin Fenix watch which is bluetooth wouldn’t create this bridge?

Also, how about the option of connecting (via ANT+) to the tablet running the Mobile Zwift app. I currently mount a Lenovo tablet on the handlebars of the Wattbike and use it as a kind of dashboard whilst keeping Zwift running on the TV. I have an ANT+ USB connection to the tablet so wondering if this is possible??

Failing that then I’ll just get the Wahoo item as you suggest… :frowning:

No, the watch cannot be used as a bridge regardless is it is ANT+ or BLE. No, the ZML cannot be used to bridge ANT+ regardless of the platform it’s installed on. The ZML can only bridge Bluetooth.


As Paul said, you’ll require a heart rate strap which transmits in Bluetooth in order to use it with your Apple TV or Zwift Mobile Link app. 

I guess, in theory, you could get an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge - such as Cable - and use it but buying a cheap Bluetooth strap would be cheaper and more simple.

EDIT: Just noticed Paul’s first post above where he covered all this already. Whoops! That’s what I get for not paying attention in class.