HR monitor that connects to Apple TV

Can anyone recommend a heart rate monitor that will pair with my Apple TV 4k directly. I have a Garmin Vivosmart HR but it only broadcasts on ANT+. Was looking at most recommendations of a chest strap or arm strap, but don’t like the feel of one around my chest and the arm strap maybe weird as well. 


So any Bluetooth HR monitor watch recommendations would be appreciated.

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I just got a bluetooth Wahoo chest strap and it is working with my iphone just fine but battery life is much shorter than my Garmin strap was.

Michael, i had the same problem with Garmin HR, so bought the Wahoo chest strap. Connected easily to the Apple TV 4k. No dramas.

Recently switched to the Wahoo Tickr myself to easily swap between PC and iOS and am very happy with it.  Just make sure you adjust the strap to get a snug fit and you won’t get any issue with the HRM unit itself making the connection between the strap ends.  I find it comfortable and it’s just worked with no problems, unlike the odd Garmin wobble early ride when you might lack lubrication and you get spikes (despite a good water dousing beforehand!). 

I was hoping to avoid the chest strap, but the watch units are mostly ANT+ or jsut no one has any feedback on linking them.




If you really want to avoid a chest strap check DC Rainmaker for bands that are Bluetooth Smart such as this:

Review also compares to two other models a bit too.  HR strap is likely cheaper and I know it works well and is comfy too but not for everyone I guess :slight_smile:

I use a CooSpo dual BT and Ant+ that I got for about twenty quid on Amazon. Excellent bit of kit. 

I’m using a “CABLE” to do this, so I can use my existing ANT+ sensors (Garmin Speed & Cadence Sensor and Garmin HRM or Garmin wrist-based HR in “broadcasting” mode) with Apple TV.  Here’s some info on that: