Which HR strap shall I get? (Garmin FR935 / Apple TV)

I have a Garmin Forerunner 935 (which is very similar to Garmin Fenix 5 series).  I haven’t got a HR strap yet, and just using the HR from the watch. 

Realised that if I want HR for Zwifting I either need a CABLE thing or a HR strap that does Bluetooth.  I haven’t confirmed my Zwifting setup entirely yet, we own an Apple TV so thinking that might be good to use otherwise I have options of using iPad or Microsoft Surface.

Was already considering buying a HR strap, and had been thinking the Garmin one but am I better off getting a Bluetooth one like the Wahoo Tickr X? 

I’m really keen also to capture my running dynamics, but wasn’t sure if the Wahoo Tickr X is compatible (yet?) to capture those? 

While I’m hoping the rest of our community can provide a few good suggestions on specific heart rate monitors that will work best for you, I would suggest either sticking with a heart rate monitor that uses ANT+ or purchasing one that can potentially connect over both.

Connecting sensors over both bluetooth and ANT+ should work well in theory, but I’ve always found it best to stick with one or the other to avoid possible interference. We do suggest CABLE for folks that already have ANT+ trainers but are limited to running Zwift from an AppleTV or an iOS device. I wouldn’t normally suggest an accessory like that unless it were a matter of requirement or convenience.

Oh, and I believe the Tickr does transmit run speed and stride to Zwift along with heart rate, but we have had a few of our members experience issues trying to pair the sensors. You may want to check for any firmware updates before connecting to Zwift. I’d also suggest checking the battery if it’s not pairing correctly. Keep in mind you may need to warm up a bit before the Tickr will correctly pair as well.

Get the Wahoo Tickr. Not the Tickr X. Not the Garmin.

Source: I own the Garmin.

I used to use Garmin for everything but now i switched to Wahoo for the most part. Wahoo Tickr X is great but what i love even more is the Tickr Fit. It works absolutely perfect for me.

I have used both Tickr X and Tickr Fit on Zwift without any issues at all. Pairing was no problem.

I use the Scosche rhythm+ heart rate monitor. It’s an armband and I love it. Very comfortable. DC Rainmaker reviewed it and if I remember correctly he wrote that it is as accurate as a chest strap.

I use a CooSpo BT LE HRM.  Its twenty quid from Amazon, pairs with IOS perfectly, pairs to my Cable perfectly and gives a good stable reading thats within a couple of beats of my Garmin.  Whats not to like!!


Nielsen Kellerman also makes a good water resistant HR monitor - chest strap - that bluetooths.  I’ve been using one in the water with a surfski for the past 2 yrs and it’s held up well.

My Apple 4k TV picked the signal up right away.  I just bought a second one online on their website for $50.  You’ll want the “speedcoach gps / SUP model 2.”

NK makes high tech gps / speed monitors for sailing, crew, SUP, kayaks.