HRM - Garmin 735XT


Hope someone can help! I’ve got a Wahoo Kickr turbo trainer and a Garmin Forerunner 735XT. I use Zwift on my iPad and have this upload my rides to Garmin Connect and Strava. 

Everything works a dream apart from I’ve no HR data. On my old turbo trainer (non smart) I used to just start an indoor bike activity on my watch and the wrist HR would take care of that and upload to Strava when finished.

I’ve never been a fan of the chest strap and there is a function on the watch to broadcast HR data ( so I’m looking to use that functionality to record the HR data but when I start the broadcast Zwift does not pick this up at all.

I’ve tried on my iPad and iPhone (both iOS11) but sill no joy. I’ve also tried forgetting the 735 on my device bluetooth settings but again, it just doesn’t pick this up.

Not the end of the world but I’d be keen to connect this up as the final piece of my Zwift jigsaw. Not sure if it is a Garmin or a Zwift issue so thought I’d post here first.

Any ideas???




Garmin FR 735 XT only broadcast via ANT+ protocol not bluetooth. So with iPad or iPhone you need a ANT+ dongle.

Not a Garmin or Zwift issue.


Thanks - just to confirm; regardless of the fact the 735XT has an inbuilt HRM on the watch, it communicates via ANT+ so it would never be able to be picked up by Zwift?

If that is the case, and I get a dongle can the watch then broadcast to this or does it have to be with the chest strap?

The watch broadcast inbuild HRM via ANT+ not chest strap.

I successfully test it with Zwift on PC and dongle ANT+. 


Thanks for the info - much appreciated!

Just be aware that the 735XT HR monitor is more like a fitbit than a true HR.  I may not keep up quickly enough with changes of HR like during a hard hilly run on Zwift.   I have the same watch and even at the gym, the HR is sometimes erratic.