Elite Turbo Muin B+ and Garmin HR

Hi there, I am using an Elite Turbo Muin B+ Smart trainer with Zwift, but I am unable to generate HR data, as I cannot connect my watch (Garmin Forerunner 735XT and external HR monitor) to Zwift. The trainer is bluetooth and ANT+ enabled and connects very easily to Zwift, but I cannot get my watch to do the same. A mate was unsure if i would be able to do this at all? Any ideas or help, much appreciated.

That Garmin watch broadcast HR in ANT+.

What device are you running Zwift on?

Hi Paul, Zwift is running on iPad. Does the zwift device need ANT+ as well?

Zwift on iPad and iPhone is Bluetooth only.

You have a couple choices:

  1. Get a ANT+ to BLE bridge like NPE CABLE or 4iiii Viiiiva HRM
  2. Use a dual band HRM like Garmin Dual or Wahoo Tickr

Appreciate you taking the time to comment Paul, thank you. If I were for example to get an ANT+ USB dongle, would that be a sensible (and cheap) option to then use laptop with this engaged? I think I understand where you are coming from - and I will need some method of converting ANT+ to the BLE to enable iOs use. I didn’t realise that the 735xt was ANT+ only output which is probably where most of my confusion has come from. Thanks again!

Yes, using an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension in your laptop (assuming it meets the minimum requirements) will work just fine.

Thanks a lot for your help Paul. See you in Watopia

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Sorry one last question - do you know if such thing as a ANT+ adapter to plug directly into iPad exists? As I would rather continue using iPad than Macbook.

It’s no longer support by Apple. Some have been lucky to get it working, but it is not reliable.

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So therefore an ANT+ dongle for Macbook might not be a reliable solution either? (ignoring iOS for a minute)

ANT+ dongle in a Macbook works just fine, there are just issue with iPad and iPhone using ANT+ dongles.

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Thanks a lot, very helpful, Paul!

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Hi Paul, been working just on power basis for workouts since my post, but was thinking of getting a Garmin HR Dual to transmit BLE so that I can connect with Zwift. One thought I did have before ordering was this: Will I be able to connect 2 devices to Zwift via BLE - ie will the trainer connect as normal, and also the HRM if I am running Zwift on iPad? Sorry if this is a silly/basic question, just wanted to check before spending and you were very helpful last time!

That should not be an issue, I have connected my power meter and HR monitor to my iPhone without any problems.

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Top man, many thanks. I thought there may be an issue pairing multiple devices via BLE at the same time, but will go ahead. Can always return if not. Thanks again for your speedy reply, super helpful!!

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Hello Jack. I have a similar problem and trying to trouble shoot. I have an Elite Trainer which connects to Zwift perfectly and I use an iPad. I have a Garmin HRM which is connected to the 1030. Now here is the issue. I can see the heart rate on the 1030 screen, but at the end of the session the Hr data is not being stored. That means that it is missing from Zwift and also from the 1030. I have tried to use the iWatch Hr data but cannot consolidate this onto the same Zwift session and therefore on Strava it appears as two different entries. Any ideas apart from reduce the amount of gadgets?

Hi Andy, Sorry i’m not particularly up to speed on this, but can try and help. What do you mean when you say the 1030? My guess is that your HRM is not transmitting in Bluetooth, and thus not showing up on zwift, which would make it all show in one session. I can get HRM readings fine (have garmin watch with garmin run hrm) but as Paul let me know further up this thread, the garmin HRM doesnt transmit in bluetooth, which means it won’t connect to iPad (and thus zwift). Need to ensure that the HRM transmits in bluetooth so that it will connect to zwift and make it all one exercise i think. but do let me know if i’ve got anything wrong :slight_smile: