Garmin HRM + Zwift Help Needed

Hey guys, looking for some help as I’m a little confused after doing some research. My current Zwift setup is a Wahoo Kickr Core on a Macbook Pro.

I also have a Garmin 735XT watch with Garmin HRM run, is it possible to somehow get my HR to show up on Zwift with this set up? What’s the best way to do it? I tried searching on Zwift for the HRM and also tried broadcasting my HR from my watch but Zwift won’t pick it up that way either.

Any help/advice is appreciated!


The Garmin 735 broadcast HR in real-time using ANT+ so you will need and ANT+ dongle in your Mac.

Thanks for the reply - but I thought Macbooks already have ANT+ installed in them or no?

They have Bluetooth, you need to install a dongle for the, to have ANT+.

Okay understood - thanks for the help!

When buying an ANT+ USB dongle, avoid the CYCPLUS model, it has been shown to not work for many people. Many folks have had success with the ANSELF which can be bought on Amazon. It is also what ZwiftInsider recommends.