Garmin HR monitor not connecting to Ant+ on Mac

I have been trying to connect my Garmin HR monitor to Zwift on my Mac. I have an Ant+ USB dongle plugged in (confirmed it is being recognized on my computer). When I try to sync the HR monitor it just continues to search. I am wearing HR monitor and can confirm it is connect to my watch. I have also deleted and re-installed Zwift on my computer. Any ideas? Been looking through posts and can’t find a solid solution…

Were you able to get this resolved? I have the same problem.

What what system do you use for Zwift? Do you have a Ant+ dongle. Did you get the hr monitor

For me the problem was that my HRM battery was dead! But yes, make sure you have the ANT stick and then it should work.

Thanks for the fast response. I just bought an Elite Suito trainer. I have a Garmin HR monitor. I also just purchased a ANT+ Dongle. Elite provides an app called MyETraining. When I use that app, the Elite Suito trainer connects via BLE and my Garmin HR monitor conencts via ANT+ so I know everything in the set-up is working as everything appears in the MyETraining app. However when I go into ZWIFT, the BLE symbol is always flashing and in setup, it connects to the trainer fine but when I go to search for my HR monitor, it never finds it. Any ideas?

Did you close all other apps that may connect to the ANT+ dongle.

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Hi Joseph,
I am wondering if it would be best to turn off the Bluetooth function on your computer and only connect your HRM and Elite Suito with Ant+ whilst using Zwift.
Personally I find Ant+ the better of the two systems for connection without issue.
Hope that may help.


Problem resolved. That worked perfectly. Thanks for everyone’s help on this.