Garmin Hr with ANT+

Hi Gerry,

Im having the same issue as Lincoln however instead of going and buying a whole new HR monitor I bought an Anself ANT + device to connect my Garmin Tri HR monitor to Zwift. However Zwift is not picking up the Ant+ device.

I have MacBook pro laptop, TacX Vortex trainer , Garmin Fenix 5 watch, the Ant+ device and the Garmin HR monitor.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

hi @Charlie84

It look like it is trying to connect to your phone, try turning off your phone.

Also check that you don’t have other software that use the ant+ device, I know the Garmin software will do that.

It looks like the Ant+ symbol is showing a ! (exclamation mark) in the small triangle which means it is not working or not present I think.

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Thanks mate for your quick response. The “phone” signal is just the bluetooth connecting my trainer through the Zwift companion app on my iPhone 8 so I cant turn the phone off. I’ve read that the bluetooth through the companion app can connect the trainer (and therefore power/cadence/speed) while the Ant+ connects the HR monitor … but maybe not?

And regarding the Ant+ connecting to multiple software programs. i did close down /quit Garmin Express but alas that hasn’t done the trick either. i’m stumped.

Yeah I think you’re right. The question is how to get it working haha.

You trainer broadcasts both ANT+ and Bluetooth. I’d try and turn off the companion and see if you can use ANT+ for both the trainer and HRM.