Zwift not seeing speed meter or HR monitor

My garmin speed/cadence working fine, ANT is within 6 inches of speed censor, zwift not seeing it at all, not is it seeing HR monitor?

Need more info to assist you.

Are you using a PC, Mac or iOS device?

What HRM are you trying to connect to Zwift?

Can you clarify your request. 

Is the Garmin speed/cadence sensor connecting to Zwift or are you having issue with that as well?

I’m using Mac laptop. Trying to connect Garmin HRM. None of the sensors are connecting to Zwift.

I am guessing you have checked the batteries.

On the HRM sometimes during the winter you need to pre moisten the strap and on the S/C make sure you pedal to wake them up.

Is the Ant+ dongle installed on your Mac.

I had the same issue yesterday 1/29/17 with my Viiia heart rate monitor, it was working fine in any other app I opened on my iPhone but it would not work with Zwift


I believe this is a different issue since you are using BLE and he is using Ant+, also you both have different devices.