Garmin Fenix 5 HRM not pairing

Hi all I’m new to zwift and have many questions. I’m not able to connect my fenix 5 HRM with zwift. My HRM is in broadcast mode but still do not see in zwift. I also have the chest strap however I changed over to using the wrist HRM on watch because I’d the broadcast and didn’t want to purchase a new strap. Suggestions?

IIRC the Fenix 5 can only broadcast HR over ANT+. I believe only Fenix 6 and watches from 2019/2020 have the option to broadcast HR over both ANT+ and Bluetooth.

Are you using Bluetooth or ANT+ to connect your gear to Zwift?

I’m using Bluetooth to connect Kickr Snap to Zwift.

I get confused with the ANY+ concept. Currently I’m only running zwift off my iPhone. I also have a very old garmin cadence monitor that I’m probably going to have to replace. My watch however recognizes my cadence monitor. But I can’t get Zwift to.

The Fenix 5 broadcast HR in ANT+ and Zwift on the iPhone is Bluetooth only so you will not get the HR there using the Fenix. Also, you cannot use the Fenix to bridge ANY signal to Zwift.

My guess is that since it is an older Garmin cadence sensor that it is ANT+ only. I would suggest getting a Wahoo Blue S/C since it is ANT+ and Bluetooth.

Your best option is a chest or arm based HRM that transmits in both ANT+ and Bluetooth so you will have a more flexible setup.

I am a big believer in having ALL sensor be duel band since it will give you a much more versatile setup.

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Do you mind explaining a little more about ANT+?

I do have a chest strap which again fenix recognizes, basically I need a Wahoo chest strap and cadence monitor so zwift recognizes!

Also could not having a wahoo chest strap and cadence screw with my FTP?

You have been so helpful I really appreciate it. I’ve had my Kickr for only a short time and getting frustrated with setup.

ANT+ is a wireless protocol.

You don’t need a Wahoo HRM or Speed/Cadence sensor you just need on that transmits in Bluetooth so Zwift on the iPhone can pickup the signal. However, I would suggest Wahoo since their sensors are duel band (Bluetooth and ANT+).

FYI, Zwift on iOS (iPhone and iPad) are Bluetooth ONLY.

HR and cadence have nothing to do with FTP.


Garmin also has the HRM Dual which can broadcast in both Bluetooth and ANT+. Also I believe their newer cadence sensor is dual as well. Just another option for sensors


Thank you all I’ve got a few options to explore

I already have Garmin HRM dual.

So with the Garmin HRM dual, is there anything specific I need to do for ant+ protocol to have HR broadcast to my Garmin watch?

Nope, all you need to do is add the sensor in the settings of the Garmin watch.

On my 920xt it is Settings>Sensors and Accessories>Add New>Heart Rate

Shoot I guess I’m not asking my questions right :crazy_face:.

So I’ve been using my Garmin with chest strap for awhile. I just want to be able to get HR and Cadence to zwift. But since I’m using IPhone I’m going to have to go with ANT+?

Zwift for iOS (iPhone and iPad) is Bluetooth ONLY. Using an ANT+ dongle on an iOS device is no longer supported by Apple.

You just need to make sure that the Garmin Dual is not connected to any other device or app before opening Zwift since Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time.

Your watch will not connect to Zwift in anyway, but you can connect the Garmin Dual to it using ANT+ ant your HR will show on both the Fenxi and Zwift.

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