Unable to pair Garmin fenix 5 smartwatch to Zwift for HRM

Hello there, hope you guys can help me out,

I’m experiencing trouble pairing my Garmin fenix 5 with Zwift for HRM. When opening the Zwift app (i’m using the Zwift app for my Macbook) it simply doesn’t find my watch. The same problem exists when putting my watch in broadcasting mode. I’m paring my smarttrainer (Flux S) via built-in Bluetooth without any trouble. Is there somebody who’s experiencing the same problems or knows how to fix it?
Hope somebody can help me out!

Hi @Marc_de_Witte

To my knowledge the Fenix 5 only transmit to ANT+ receivers.

Hello @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ ,

Thanks, so that would mean I have to buy an ANT+ Dongle right? Any suggestions?

Gerrie, as always you are correct. ANT+ only on the Fenix 5

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That is correct, you need a ANT+ dongle if indeed the Fenix 5 only broadcast in ANT+.

You need to confirm that in the watch manual.

They are available for a small fee. I’d pair the Flux via this too for a more stable connection.

@stuart, thank you for your tip! I’ve had two or three times in the past months that my connection suddenly shut down so hopefully that will not happen again then