Pairing Garmin Fenix 5 Watch and CycleOps M2 / Simultaneous Ant+ and Bluetooth

I’ve reviewed a bunch of posts on this issue, but I’m still confused what I need to do.

I can connect my Cycle Ops M2 to Zwift via bluetooth to my Macbook. I’d like to also connect my Fenix 5 watch to transmit heartrate (Yes, I know that HRM is not as accurate as other monitors). I have not been able to connect the Fenix 5 for HR monitoring.

The Fenix 5 communicates with my iPhone (and the Garmin Connect app) via blue tooth, but I’m not sure if the HR broadcast is via Ant+. Based on my review of some posts and forums, I think the HR broadcast may be via Ant+ (though I’m not sure), so is my only option to get an Ant+ dongle to connect to the Macbook?

Also, when the CycleOps M2 specification explains that it can dual-use Ant+ and Bluetooth, does this mean it can only transmit those two types of signals? In other words, if it has this capability, and the Garmin Fenix 5 transmits HR data via Ant+, can the M2 receive the HR data via Ant+ and then transmit/receive the speed, power, and HR data to Zwift? And if so, then there should be no need for a dongle that is installed in my Macbook?

Thanks for any help!

Yes, the Fenix only broadcast HR in ANT+.

No, the CylcleOps M2 cannot act as a bridge for the signal, so you will need the ANT+ dongle.

An ANT+ dongle will allow you to connect the Fenix and the CycleOps over ANT+ (which in my experiences is the preferred method).

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Thanks so much. I ordered my dongle based on your response. I would have thought this would be a very simple question, but couldn’t get a straight, clear answer. I really appreciate the help.

I’m pysched to dive deeper into Zwift (so I can learn all the nuances off the app and the etiquette). See you out there!