Garmin Tri pairing Zwift iOS

Hi guys,
Any thoughts about how to pair my Garmin tri, (I use Garmin Fenix 5X plus) whit the Zwift iOS app.
I tried to broadcast the HRM but it doesn’t work.

Buying an ant+ USB device connected to my Mac will work on Zwift?
or do I have to buy another HRM strap?

In that case, better Garmin Dual or Wahoo?
Thanks, Much appreciated.

Hi @J_Suarez_S

Welcome to the forum.

The Fenix 5 only broadcast in ANT+ mode.

Personally I would get a HR strap, the HR from a watch while cycling is not very accurate.



I agree with Gerrie. The ANT+ only HR monitors are usually not what we’d recommend if you’re using iOS to run Zwift (since iOS devices can’t use ANT+).

If you really like the Garmin Tri, however, there is a bridging device that can be used to translate the ANT+ signal to Bluetooth LE (BLE), which is compatible with iOS. This device is called the NPE CABLE, so it’s also something to consider – just so you’re aware of all possible options.

The easiest solution, however, is to invest in a BLE HR Strap. You mentioned Wahoo (e.g., Wahoo TICKR) and that’s a good option amongst others.

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