Fenix 5 Heart Rate connection

Hi there, new to Zwift. I have a Garmin Fenix 5 wrist watch and struggling to get my heart rate to connect to Zwift.
I have tried running it both through my IPhone and also my Mac. Has anyone got any tips that I could get this working?

Do I need to get a new strap? HRM - Pro or even the Wahoo Tickr strap?

Thanks in Advance

Hi, it only transmits HR in Ant+ protocol so unless you have a dongle fitted neither device will see it.

Either get a dongle or a BT HR strap.

I’ve been successful broadcasting HR from my fenix 6, instinct, and fr245. I just have the fenix 6 now.

First, make sure you’re running the latest system update. Then on the watch go to the settings then controls. Add the broadcast HR.

Then hold down the top left button, select Broadcast HR. Then Start Broadcasting. Using your iPhone, open up the companion app. Should connect.

Actually mine will connect directly with my iPad that I use for the riding.

That’s correct, it works on newer watches but not the OP’s Fenix 5


I’ve got a fenix 5 and found the hr broadcast via ant plus was not very good anyway so I bought a wahoo tikr and it’s been bulletproof

Just a FYI: Broadcast of HR works on my Fenix 3 so I don’t see why it shouldn’t on Fenix 5 which is a later model.

Hi @Kat I assume you use ant+ on Zwift. Only the latest Fenix can broadcast in Bluetooth.


Beat me to it Gerrie

Ah - OP didn’t mention that they were specifically trying to connect using bluetooth so just assumed that they were just trying to connect in general. I take it then that Iphones can’t connect to ANT+ devices? That seems… strangely backward for Apple…

That is correct. Apple only do bluetooth.