Garmin Fenix 6s heart rate not connecting to Zwift

Merry Christmas everyone! I received the Wahoo Kickr Snap as a Christmas present this year, so I am super pumped to join Zwift for this year’s winter training. I have everything setup just fine with the trainer and cadence sensor but I cannot get my Garmin Fenix 6s heart rate to connect to Zwift. I tried broadcasting the heart rate like one of the other forums suggested but that still doesn’t work. I also tried disconnecting the watch from my phone so it was not connected to any other device via Bluetooth but Zwift still couldn’t find the device. I am using Bluetooth to connect the trainer and cadence sensor to my computer that has Zwift, so is it an issue with trying to connect too many Bluetooth devices? Do I need ANT+ to remedy this?

The Garmin watch broadcast HR in ANT+ so you would need an ANT+ dongle in your computer.

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As my iPhone reads the HR from ym Fenix 6s, is this not only Bluetooth?

As Paul said - when you broadcast the heart rate from your watch it broadcasts over ant+, it connects to the garmin connect app via bluetooth but only the garmin connect app can get information from the watch that way.

You didn’t mention how you are using zwift - if it is with mac or pc then you can use an ANT+ dongle to connect and this feature is now also available in the android app, you’ll need to download a few other apps and probably get an adaptor for the dongle to fit your phone (likely USB-c but may be micro usb) there is a thread in the android section with more details


The watch is paired to the phone as a smart watch and various data from the watch (steps taken, heart rate, etc.) and from the phone (push messages, SMS, etc.) are sync’d between the devices.

The heartrate broadcast function, on the other hand, turns the watch into a standard heart rate monitoring device and that function only works over ANT+.

I am using a pc and I bought the ant+ dongle so it has fixed the connection problem. However I tried using the broadcast heart rate but it was not accurate at all and did not said my heart rate was in the 90s when it was really much higher. I had to start an activity for the heart rate to be more accurate which I was trying to avoid as it creates two activities so I have to delete one. Not sure if anyone else has this problem or if there’s a way to fix this. Thanks for the help!

I have tried a few wrist based heart rate monitors - i finbd it can sometimes take a few minutes of warming up to “find” or lock onto my heart rate and often displays 80s or 90s until it does. it can sometimes drop out but if you lift it off the wrist for a second and put it back down it often speeds up the process of finding the correct heart rate again.

have you tried spinning the watch around so the sensor is on the underside of the the wrist during the activity - i found this can help, it is near veins and the veins are nearer the skin which i think may help.

So I have a similar issue I’m trying to solve. I have Wahoo Kikr and I’m using an iPad Mini 2 - small screen I know but I’m new and didn’t want to over commit with a massive screen - but I can get either my heart rate broadcasting to Zwift on iPad or cadence - from sensors on pedal cranks (Garmin). Do I need to connect everything to the Kikr rather tha the iPad or is there some other solution? I’ve enjoyed my first week as a Zwifter but would like to get heart and cadence data in the mix too. Thanks!

You cannot use the Kickr as a bridge, you would needed either the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM or the NPE CABLE to bridge the ANT+ signal to the iOS device.

Thanks Paul, is there a similar issue with the cadence sensor not being picked up on Zwift app on my iPad?

If they are ANT+ then yes.

Using the following: wahoo kickr (1st gen), garmin fenix 6, garmin cadence sensor and a garmin 500 with a heart rate strap.

The wahoo provides- speed + power
Cadence- cadence (Ant +)
Fenix- heart rate
Heart rate strap

Any recommendations of setting these up, the easier way to get them communicating together to provide: speed, cadence, heart rate and power?