My LBS gave me an ANT+ USB dongle for my Fenix 3HR - How to Pair?

I recently bought a TACX Neo 2 and I have set this up and everything is working fine. I currently monitor my heart rate with a Garmin Fenix 3HR. For this they also gave me a Garmin USB ANT+ dongle to have it connect through my laptop (Macbook Pro) to the Zwift App. I have not been able to find any suitable instructions on these forums or in general.

Most reference the use of the Broadcast HR function but all of the reply posts I have read say this does not work.

Can someone provide a definitive step-by-step process to connect my Fenix 3HR to Zwift? Or alternatively a link to something?



Can you tell me step-by-step what you have tried?

I have tested the Fenix3HR and it work over ant+

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I have the ANT+ USB dongle in my Macbook Pro via a USB-C adaptor. I log into Zwift. I set my Fenix 3HR to “Broadcast HR” > Now. In the Zwift App I ensure my Tacx Neo 2 is connected, along with the cadence sensor etc and then click to search for my Heart Rate Monitor. It doesn’t come up in the list.

The point I am making is that it seems to miss the important step of ensuring the ANT+ dongle is connected.

On the packaging it just say “go to” and follow the instructions - but there are no specific instructions that I can see.

Make sure Garmin Connect is not running on your Mac.

Thanks - I’ll give that a shot when I get back home!

I just tested on my system (Windows 10 Garmin Fenix 3HR)

Fenix 3HR = Settings > Sensors > Wrist Heart Rate > Broadcast HR > Now (on the watch it show my HR and the current time.

Zwift = Search for Heart Rate > Found Heartrate strap XXX. Started to ride and Zwift and Fenix 3HR show the same number.

Thanks Gerrie… Maybe I missed a step. I will try again when I get home on Friday.

Make sure the ANT+ dongle is working in Mac OS and that Zwift is using the ANT+. There should be an ANT+ logo on the device pairing screen.

How do I do this?

OK… so I have since been told that the ANT+ USB Dongle was to allow the smart trainer (Tacx Neo 2) to communicate with the Macbook Pro. The bizarre thing is - I can pull the dongle out and everything still works… another story I guess.

I have tried connecting a Garmin ANT+ HR Chest Strap - Not found. I have also tried putting my Fenix 3HR into the following:

Settings > Sensors > Wrist Heart Rate > Broadcast HR > Now… Not found!

Any other thoughts?

Have you tried other USB ports on the Mac? Are you sure the ANT+ dongle works? See if it works on another computer or see if it works for a friend.

The NEO can connect to your Mac using Bluetooth, that is why it works without the dongle.