Garmin Fenix 6 HR - BT or Ant+

Hi newbie on Zwift here.

I would like to bring my HR to my data. I have a Fenix 6 but not sure if it only publishes heart rate on Ant+ or BT

I have an Elite Smart Trainer connecting to Zwift by bluetooth to a pc so is the only way to do it is to add an Ant+ dongle to the pc? Will Zwift pick up both the BT trainer and my Fenix 6 HR broadcast?


The Garmin will only broadcast in ANT+

You will need a ANT+ dongle.

Thanks for the quick reply Gerrie
So the watch will connect via Ant+ and the trainer will continue to connect via BT yes?
I’ll order a dongle tomorrow then.

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That is correct, but I would just put both on ANT+. I found it more stable.

If you pair the trainer to ANT+ use the ANT+ FE-C option.

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Thanks Gerrie
Dongle is on its way but didn’t realise it was coming from China :man_facepalming:t2:
I’ll wait patiently!

Update: So the Ant+ dongle arrived today, plugged it in to my laptop, opened Zwift and connected my trainer via FE-C. Turned my Garmin watch to broadcast HR and it connected to Zwift too via Ant+. I entered a race and all the stats seemed spot on, including heart rate which showed an average of 165 for the race compared to 90 up Alpe de Zwift when connected via BT. All good, thank you Gerry.