Garmin Fenix 6 - No bluetooth solution for Zwift?

I use different treadmills outside my home (treadmill makes too much noise at home) and had been running with a Garmin Foot Pod. Getting that set up to work with Zwift was a huge pain, needed an IPhone (for data), an Ipad and a laptop computer, got it to work only once in three visits. Garmin foot pod is also inaccurate even after calibrating. Plus, I want more information like heart rate.

So…some people use Garmin watches, is there any way to have it transmit the data to Zwift? I don’t mind using an IPhone with an Ipad and maybe an app but if it involves dongles again that’s just too complicated.


The Garmin watch only broadcast HR and it’s done in ANT+ so a better solution is a duel band chest strap HRM like the Wahoo Tickr.

Supposedly this works on the 945 as virtual run and the watch broadcasts the metrics to zwift. Check it out in the 945/F6 garmin forum. I am sure it will come to F6 soon.

Hi, Peter,
For gym solution and Garmin vs iOS devices, in your case, the best would be to purchase something like this: 4iii Viiiiva HRM and Ant+/Ble bridge (link to the official webpage)
This will solve most of your issues with the devices that are not able to receive Ant+ signals or with the devices that are not able to send Bluetooth signals.

Yeah right after I asked the question Garmin put out a 4.06 beta update so the 945 and 245 are now good. Only a matter of time now for the F6, and thanks!

NPE has CABLE - an ANT+ to BLE converter which I have been using. It just resides on my TM and if I Zwift Run - it connects HR from Garmin HRM Run and Pace from Stryd to Zwift.

But I do hope my Fenix 6x can send it later like the 945. I would have preferred it as a “broadcast” event and not as a different type of Run through.